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Short story site

16 December 2013

A new site for short story writers and readers has recently launched. Yaktale is a place where writers can post their stories, after they have emailed with the request and sent a brief account of past work. Already existing writers on Yaktale have the ability to invite other writers onboard, but they only have a limited number of invites so they are encouraged to distribute them wisely. It's not clear what kind of quality control may be in operation.

It is certainly a way of getting some visibility and some readers to read your work, although, as it's free to join and free to read, it does not seem to lead to a situation where income will be directly generated for writers. Readers can award kudos on the site, which will lead to more readers being attracted to the story in question. But if you're a short story writer and some visibility is what you're after, it may be worth investigating.
Like poetry, the short story is a form which is usually short enough to be read online, so it can bypass both traditional and not-traditional book publishing approaches. But how are writers to earn money from their stories? The jury is out on that one, but in the meantime there are an increasing number of short story competitions which are open to unpublished writers and these may present a real opportunity, competitive though many of them are.

Do any writers have other sites to recommend? We'll put them on a new page of Short Story links. Use the Comment facility or email us at