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Why self-publish?

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Is self-publishing for you?

  • If the market for your book is narrow or specialised and easily targeted, self-publishing makes sense.

  • If you have marketing ideas and the energy and time to do the work, self-publishing can be fun.

  • If you have not got the time or patience to send it round the agents or publishers but you can find enough time to market your work, self-publishing might work for you.

  • If your work is topical, try self-publishing if you feel you can work fast.

  • Self-publish only if you have realistic expectations about your likely income and the time marketing will take.

  • If you think that just publishing the book yourself will automatically improve your chances of finding a publisher for subsequent work, forget it – it's sales figures that count.

Of course you want to get your work published and get some recognition for your work, but is your book going to achieve this? Not unless you can actually sell some copies. The question you have to answer is: can you sell your book?

Two checks you need to do...

  • Do you rate your work as excellent in spite of professional opinion to the contrary?  If so, you should consider whether publishing it may be pure vanity publishing. Is anyone going to read it?

  • If you feel that nobody understands you or your work, you really need to demand some honest answers of yourself. Don't waste your emotional and financial energy on a piece of work that nobody will read.


... does work. Many writers have made a success of self-publishing. It takes energy, focus, determination and good writing.

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