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Our Services for Writers

22 services to help you get your work ready for publication

We've been offering editing services for writers from our office in London since 2001 and have the widest and best-value range on the web. Get your work ready for publication or submission with the help of our team of skilled professional editors.

Work on your manuscript

Copy editing service
Manuscript polishing service

English Language Editing service
Writer's edit service
The Cutting Edit
Developmental editing service
Proof-reading service
PhD editing service

Copy editing for the children's book market

Reports and assessments of your work

Editor's Report
Editor's Report Plus
Reader's Report
Children's editorial services
Submission critique
Scriptwriting assessment service

Synopses and blurbs

Synopsis-writing service
Blurb-writing service

Your poetry

Poetry critique service
Poetry Collection editing


Typing manuscripts

Which service? Helping you find the service you're looking for

Choosing a service -  A more detailed description of our services