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Poetry Critique service

About us

Get your poetry assessed before submitting it or entering it for competitions

 Our Poetry Critique service

  • Are you ready to show your poetry to magazines and publishers, but worried about rejection?
  • Do you feel you need some help editing your poetry to make it as good as it can be?
  • Are you looking for a knowledgeable criticism of your work to give you that intellectual edge?

We have introduced this service by popular demand. It will give you a professional view of your poetry and clear suggestions for any improvements.

What it costs

The fee for the Poetry Critique Service is £100 for up to 150 lines of poetry. This includes a detailed assessment of the submitted poetry.

This fee is payable in advance.

If you want to submit more poetry to be critiqued, please email us, letting us know how much poetry you want us to look at and preferably sending it, and we will get back to you with a quote.

Please send your poems in one unzipped Word or rtf file, not as separate files.