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The Essential Guide to Writing for Children series

A new series by a hugely experienced children's editorial director which helps you get started on your own story

Suzy Jenvey

Suzy' Jenvey's new series is intended to help those getting started with writing for children and those who are already on their way.

The Essential Guide to Writing for Children I: Which age group should I write for?

Children's publishers divide their editorial departments according to age group. The editors and designers in each division are expert at the language, content, word length and style for their particular age group. As a children's writer, you have to aim for a specific age group, and show through your writing that you understand the requirements.

The Essential Guide to Writing for Children 2 - Before You Write: What is My Story Going to be?

A checklist of what you need to consider before you start work on your story

The Essential Guide to Writing for Children 3 - Starting to Write

A checklist of what you should consider as you start writing your story

The Essential Guide to Writing for Children 4 - Submitting Your work to Agents and Editors

A checklist of how to submit your work

Suzy Jenvey started working in publishing in 1986 at Jonathan Cape/Bodley Head as a Publicity Manager. After roles as Marketing and Publicity Director for Chatto and Simon and Schuster, she spent 15 years at Faber and FaberClick for Faber and Faber Publishers References listing as Children's Editorial Director. She has now set up her own literary agency specialising in children's books, Suzy Jenvey Associatesliterary agency specialising in children's books founded by Suzy Jenvey;. She gives talks about writing for children at the University of East Anglia and Queens University Belfast as well as creative writing groups. She also works supporting children in schools with literacy, and volunteers for the charity Riding for the Disabled, working with autistic children and horses.

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