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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy from WritersServices


  • Your name
  • An email address

We ask for the minimum amount of information to communicate with you. As we develop a relationship we might need other information, such as your address, but this is stored in a computer which is not linked in to the web.

Check the OECD privacy guidelines


When you pay for one of our Services the data requested passes via a secure link on the Worldpay site. The only data we receive is the transaction reference number and the amount received. You can check the privacy policy of Worldpay but, rest assured, it is as watertight as technology permits.  

You can keep track of, and contribute to, the global debate on privacy on the web.  See Policing Privacy


We do not trade your information. But this statement is not quite as absolute as it appears. You can link from our site to an unrelated site or to one of our partners. Please be vigilant if you stray from our site. Our partners have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. We suggest that if you visit their sites you should look at these.


We keep our privacy policy under review. We look at it each month. If you want to have an input send us some feedback


We do not use cookies to track usage patterns or details of visitors or users. We do have access to this information via our site statistics provider, but this does not identify individuals. We use a company to display ads on our site. The ads may contain cookies but we do not have access to this information.




This policy is regularly reviewed to take account of the many changes in electronic security, legislation and codes of practice. The policy will reflect these changes.

Read up on your own privacy policy and how you can make your files as secure as possible.  Are you worried about your personal privacy on the web?  Getting to know you shows you just what we do know about you - and how little it is.  Did you know that 88% of websites have no discernible traffic?  If you're interested in reading up on search engines, Spying on us gives an insight into how things work on the web.