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News stories from the book world in August 2017

August 2017

Do newspapers still contribute meaningfully to book reviewing and marketing?

28 August 2017

Two recent developments highlight what's happening to book reviewing. The New York Times' celebrated and influential bestseller lists have been the focus of controversy this week, with accusations that an author has been trying to get her book to the top of the lists.  Read more

An Australian International Marketplace and adults reading children's books

14 August 2017

The Australian Society of AuthorsWell-designed site with a lot of useful content, including List of Publications, Getting Published and list of Australian agents. has launched a digital marketplace, designed to showcase and sell the work of authors and illustrators to publishers, agents and literary scouts worldwide. Meanwhile, should reading children's books be considered a guilty pleasure for adults?  Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance grows sales

7 August 2017

Reports of sparkling growth from the UK's Northern Fiction Alliance show the strength provided by working together, the importance to small publishers of international rights and book sales, and how public subsidy can make a difference.  Read more