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Copyright notice & explanation

All rights, including copyright, digital and database rights for the site and the content that is part of the WritersServices website, are owned by or licensed to WritersServices, or used with the agreement of the copyright owner. 

WritersServices' copyright extends to the material stored on the server, even though the content and way it is displayed can be configured by the user. You should consult the acceptable use policy to ensure that you are not breaching this copyright.

WritersServices carries extensive material for writers' groups and organisations which is also protected by our copyright.

Access policy and acceptable use policy

In accessing the web pages, you agree that you will use the contents for private and not for commercial or public use. WritersServices defines commercial or public use as the extraction of the content from the site or its databases as part of any business venture. 

WritersServices is happy to discuss the sharing of its data and simple licensing can be arranged with other businesses. For web businesses the preferred method is to provide a link.

You can print out a single hard copy of any part of the content of the WritersServices website for your personal use or for a writers' group use. You must ensure that the copyright notice is not removed, not least because this will allow people to access up-to-date listings.

Except as permitted above, you must not copy, store (other than in your browser history file), distribute, broadcast or modify any part of the website without the prior permission of WritersServices or in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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