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English Language Editing service

A polishing service for writers writing in English who are not native English speakers

Have you written your work in English but it is not your native language? Have you translated your work into English? Now you need to make sure it's good enough to publish, or send to a publisher. If you need help to get your work into perfect English, this service is for you.

We have just introduced a free assessment and a free sample of your polishing as a standard part of our service.

Acknowledging the growth of world English, English Language Editing is designed for the many non-native English speakers throughout the world who want to publish their work in English. Our editors have plenty of experience of working with authors who don't speak English as a first language.

  • You may want to prepare your work for a particular international readership, such as the global academic community, business readers or a specialist audience. Let us know if you need a specialist editor.
  • If you are planning to publish your book yourself, then you may want to make sure that your manuscript is in a good state before you put your work into print.

  • If you are submitting your manuscript to agents or publishers, you may want to make sure that it is in good shape before you do so.

  • Do you have a translation which you feel is not up to scratch? We can edit it for you to make sure it is of a publishable standard.
  • We can edit in UK, US and International English. Please let us know your preference.

Please note that we will copy edit your work at the same time as polishing it.

Assessing your Manuscript

The editor will need to assess your typescript to gauge how many hours’ work will be required. This will relate simply to the complexity of the job and the amount of work to be done. We will then come back to you with  a free sample of your English Lanuage editing, a quote for the work and a short written assessment. We will try to match your work to an editor who is proficient in your language, as we think this will achieve a better result, so please tell us which is your native language, or the language your book was originally written in.

We reserve the right not to take on work which in our opinion is not sufficiently comprehensible for our editors to work on. We regret that we cannot handle manuscripts which have been translated by Google or another online programme, since we do not believe that they will be of a sufficiently high standard.

Our editors work on screen and we offer as standard but at no additional cost a unique service which provides the writer with two versions of their manuscript, one with the copy editing changes made using 'track changes' and one with all the changes accepted. Unless you are familiar with track changes we strongly recommend that you use the second version, but hope that it will prove helpful to be able to see the detailed changes the editor has made.

What it costs  

The starting point for the English Language Editing service is £.009 per word, which means that the cost for a manuscript of 80,000 words is likely to be in the region of £720, but it may well cost more if the work requires close attention, and we will quote a lower fee if less work is required.

The hours the work will need are reflected in the fee structure, which is according to the length of the manuscript and the amount of work required. Once we have sent the assessment, the free three-page sample and the quote, the fee is payable before the editor starts work.

We would normally expect to get the polished manuscript back to you within two or three weeks of receipt of your order and payment, but when we send your quote we will give you a specific date for finishing your work.

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