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Writer's Edit service

A top-level new service for writers who want line-editing as well as copy editing

The Writer's Edit is an enhanced editing package that offers you all the benefits of our expert copy editing service, plus an extra level of advice and support to help you take your writing to a new level.

We will copy edit your manuscript to our usual professional standard, but in addition we will offer you a line-by-line edit specifically designed to improve your style, structure and form, and a set of guidance notes, giving commentary and advice on:

Quirks of style and grammar;
Weaknesses in continuity and plot logic;
Character consistency, and narrative flow;
Personal idiosyncrasies such as characteristic word and phrase choices;
Specific writing techniques, such as dialogue, set pieces and dealing with foreign or regional accents and dialects.

The Writer's Edit is a deluxe editing service that offers excellent value for money.

Is the Writer's Edit right for me?

If you are a new writer, looking to improve your writing skills, lose bad habits and learn to make your work more professional;

If you are thinking about submitting your manuscript for publication, or thinking about self-publishing, and you are looking for a developmental edit to take your work to a more professional level;

If you are a more experienced author, looking to bring your work to a new level of competence and make it ready for the increasingly competitive publishing market;

The Writer's Edit is the ideal service for you. You will receive a level of attention and guidance that is normally reserved for experienced professional writers working with a reputable publisher's senior in-house editor.

The Writer's Edit package

We offer a brief assessment, and a sample edit (normally 2 - 3 pages) free of charge.

We will copy edit your manuscript to a high professional standard. In addition, we will offer line-by-line observation and advice, and a set of guidance notes designed to help you iron out bad habits, recognise and fix quirks and weaknesses in your writing style, and improve your all-round writing skills.

You will receive two copies of your manuscript: a track changes version, showing you exactly what the editor has done, and if necessary containing comments from the editor; and a clean copy, showing your manuscript with all the editorial changes accepted. We strongly recommend that you use the clean copy for any further changes or amendments.

Please send your work to us as a standard Microsoft Word document. Other formats, such as pdf files, make editing much more difficult.

How much does it cost?

Our basic rates for the Writer's Edit are:

Fiction: £7.50 per thousand words (£0.0075 per word). So for a manuscript of 50,000 words, the basic fee would be £375.

Our final fee will depend on the condition of the manuscript and the amount of time and work required.

Non-fiction: £8.50 per thousand words (£0.0085 per word). So for a manuscript of 50,000 words, the basic fee would be £425.

For shorter manuscripts (fewer than 50,000 words) we will assess your manuscript and agree an appropriate fee with you. Our final fee will depend on the condition of the manuscript and the amount of time and work required.

All fees are payable in advance.


We normally aim to return your work within two weeks of receipt of your manuscript and payment; our deadlines may change depending on the condition of the manuscript, or the volume of work we have. However, if you have a specific deadline, or you are working to a shorter timescale, we can arrange to return your work on a specific date.


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