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Man Booker Prize for Fiction

'A novel that is recklessly, scabrously funny, politically of-the-moment and hugely erudite'

24 October 2016

This year's Booker result raises so many interesting issues that a longer report on Frankfurt, the Book Fair and other issues relating to international publishing will come next week. The links this week give a clue to the many themes that Paul Beatty's win with The Sellout has raised.  Read more

Man Booker goes to stunning (and persistent) Jamaican Marlon James

12 October 2015

This week's story was to have been on the rise in support for short stories, until, that is, Marlon James had his stunning Man Booker Prize win last night.  Read more

A 'diverse and international' Man Booker longlist

3 August 2015

The longlist for this year's Man Booker Prize is both diverse and international, with a wide range of different kinds of writers and a number of debuts. The longlist features three British writers, five US writers and one each from the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, India, Nigeria and Jamaica.  Read more

Inaugural Folio Prize surprises nearly everyone

17 February 2014

The shortlist for the first Folio Prize has caused quite a stir, highlighting various changes in the ecology of prizes. It set out to be different from the Man Booker and more literary, and seems to have achieved its intention.  Read more

‘And the winner is...'

23 December 2013

The world of big literary prizes has become much more complicated. It used to be just the Booker amongst English-language prizes which was of international interest, in spite of the fact that only UK and Commonwealth authors' books could be entered.  Read more

A week of prizes

21 October 2013

This has been a week full of prize announcements, with Alice Munro being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and Eleanor Catton winning the Booker.  Read more

The Man Booker Prize goes global - in English

23 September 2013

The Man Booker Prize's decision to accept novels from American authors, providing that they are published in the UK, has been arrived at after a series of consultations lasting over the last eighteen months. How they could have expected to keep their ruminations quiet is not clear.  Read more

Booker surprise

18 October 2010

The winner of the 2010 Man Booker Prize has been a compete surprise to everyone, including the author. Howard Jacobson had never even been shortlisted before, and his book The Finkler Question was the bookies' least favourite title on the shortlist.  Read more

Strong Booker shortlist - does Wolf Hall lead the pack?

14 September 2009

So why is it that the Man Booker Prize manages to generate so much interest across the world? Entries are limited to novels written in English and American writers' work is excluded, but in spite of all this the Prize seems to generate considerable interest year after year.   Read more

The Booker goes global too

27 October 2008

The spectacle of meltdown in world banks and stock markets has meant that the Booker Prize has passed us by, but it's worth backtracking a little to look at this most international of prizes. It's odd that it should have such a global effect, as it's by no means the biggest or even the most prestigious of literary prizes.  Read more

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