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Whats new: 17 June 2019 - What's new 17 June 2019
  • 'I think I am starving for publication: I love to get published; it maddens me not to get published.
Link: Why Does Writing Suck? 17 June 2019

It is rare, in this day and age, to see a good tweet on the internet, but I did love this one, from New York Times writer Erin Griffith, which includes a graph she designed to depict the dramatic ups and downs of a writer's self-esteem, which are entirely dependent upon the stage of the writing/...

Special issue Africa Rising

Interviews and market information highlight just a few of the opportunities for African and international publishers to work together. This magazine was produced in cooperation with the International Publishers Association and its 'Africa Rising' seminar in...

After years, it finally happened: I was published in a literary magazine alongside Diane, my ultimate writing enemy.

What is it about language that gets people so hot under the collar? That drives them to spend hours arguing with strangers on the internet, to go around correcting misspelt signs in the dead of night, or even to threaten acts of violence? The languages we speak are central to our sense of self,...

I love me a good Sherlock Holmes adaptation. But something that always bugs me about film and television Sherlockiana (especially the more modern, more big-budget adaptations) is how quickly they go from zero to Moriarty.

Four years ago, Kerry Hudson had just won a prestigious French literary prize when one late payment left her unable to make the rent on her sublet flat in Whitechapel. Could she continue as a writer? Or would she have to return to her old job in the charity sector?

Sixty-seven percent of professional writers earned £10,000 or less in 2018, a Royal Society of Literature

This British site may seem rather formal (stated aim ‘to sustain and encourage all that...

Publishing panels can be a bit stuffy, but that was far from the case at the latest PubTechConnect event, "Book Lovers on the Internet: Connecting with Readers in Digital Ways," held at New York University on June 12.

Commentary: 'Starving for publication' 17 June 2019

'I think I am starving for publication: I love to get published; it maddens me not to get published. I feel at times like getting every publisher in the world by the scruff of the neck, forcing his jaws open, and cramming the Mss down his throat - 'God-damn you, here it is - I will and must be...

Whats new: 10 June 2019 - What's new 10 June 2019
  • ‘First the length. In an age of ever-shortening attention spans, you have to have a pretty powerful message to keep anyone's interest for much over 75,000 words (about 300 pages).

In a focus session on "Digital Transformation and Disruption in African Publishing" at the International Publishers Association‘s (IPA) "Africa Rising" seminar in Nairobi, hosted by the Kenya Publishers Association, two panelists will have the same last name-and almost the same face.

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