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The January Magazine has some useful links - Ten Tips for Autopilot E-book Marketing and Paying to Play: On Submission Fees in Poetry Publishing, as well as some intriguing ones - Sue Grafton Was a Master at Subverting the Detective Novel, My Last Conversation with Ursula K. Le Guin and If It Wasn't For My Corporate Office Job, I Couldn't Be a Novelist.


Oxford University Press is asking members of the public to submit local words, phrases and expressions from around the world for inclusion in the Oxford English DictionaryWonderful online resource...

If "unputdownable" means "putdownable" and "educational publishing" is "anything that's not trade publishing," what does "quality" mean in an insider's lexicon of the book industry? Ask Richard Charkin.

Vida's latest survey of gender bias in literary criticism has revealed less than half of publications achieved gender equality, with the New York Review of Books halving its coverage of female voices.

Carnegie medal winner Geraldine McCaughrean has castigated the books industry for dumbing down language in children's literature, warning that a new focus on "accessible" prose for younger readers will lead to "an underclass of citizens with a small but functional vocabulary: easy to manipulate...

I did not lose 15 pounds after writing a book. I still go to bed mentally cursing the pouch of fat that has taken up residence beneath my bellybutton that ends up laced with the red marks of too-tight jeans.

Words-to-be-read are losing ground to words-to-be-heard, a new stage of digital content evolution

In another stunning display of both truth in publishing and meticulous attention to the data, the latest release from AuthorEarnings takes on another facet of the traditional publishing industry, namely the lies surrounding scifi and fantasy publishing.

Imagine you're in an airport boarding lounge, or the waiting room at virtually any train station or bus terminal in the Western world. Maybe you commute to work or school by subway. It doesn't matter. Look around. Somewhere in there, among hundreds of fellow travelers, lurks the shade of a tall...

‘I got insomnia because I was so freaked out. Everyone else was delighted for me but it was destabilising. My friends had to process the success for me. I didn't realise writing was not the final stage. You hope the book speaks for you - you write because you want to make sense of the world...

Whats new: 11 June 2018 - What's new 11 June 2018
  • ‘"I'm writing a book." The very phrase seems self-indulgent and strange, more so at a time when we count the words and minutes, even the characters and the seconds.

Independent publisher Salt has raised more than £7,500 after appealing to its supporters to purchase "just one book" to help save the struggling business.

Director of the Norfolk-based press, Chris Hamilton-Emery, told The Bookseller that the firm was in a "very precarious position" after...

If you have been following tech news then you've probably heard the term blockchain mentioned more than once. This word is rarely explained in non-technical terms, but it is thrown around a lot by tech companies trying to get in on the hype.

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