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Personal Accounts

First-hand accounts, from the great writers of the past and bestselling contemporary authors, and more racy insiders' stories.

Personal Accounts from WritersBookStall


The Best Writing on Writing: v. 1: A Collection of the Year's Most Provocative Views on Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, the Writing Life and More

Jack Heffron
Story Press,U.S.

Collection of the year’s most provocative views on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, the writing life and so on, with writers ranging from Margaret Atwood to William Goldman and Stephen Spender.

Personal Accounts


Bestsellers: Top Writers Tell How

Richard Joseph
Summersdale Publishers

Based on interviews with 23 top commercial authors, including Dick Francis, Jilly Cooper and Frederick Forsyth, who share the writing secrets that have helped them collectively sell over 1,000 million books.

Personal Accounts


Adventures In The Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood

William Goldman

The veteran screenwriter’s own account of the job, which is something of a classic. From the writer of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men and Marathon Man, Oscar-winning screen writer William Goldman presents his memories and views of movie-making, and of acting greats such as Redford, Olivier, Newman and Hoffman. Not a how-to book, but it will tell you a lot more about Hollywood and the screenwriter’s place in it than many worthier tomes.

Personal Accounts


Writing from Experience: From Louisa M.Alcott to Virginia Woolf

Brian H. Taylor
Robert Hale Ltd

An interesting angle on writing, using letters, articles and extracts from the writing of some of the most respected authors in English literature to show how it’s done.

Personal Accounts


Writers on Writing

Alison Gibbs
Robert Hale Ltd

Well-known writers talk about their craft, from Elizabeth Jane Howard to Fay Weldon and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Personal Accounts


The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life

Julia Cameron
Sidgwick & Jackson

A relaxed and encouraging look at the writing life in the form of 40 brief personal essays from the author of The Artist’s Way. Julia Cameron believes it is human nature to write and compares writing to revelation, prayer and Zen pursuits. This is a guide to using writing to bring clarity and passion to the act of living. It contains techniques and illustrative stories and details of Cameron's own writing processes.

'Creative' Writing, Personal Accounts


Writer Tells All

Robert Massello
Henry Holt & Company Inc

The author of 13 books gives a personal guide which is both candid and entertaining.

Personal Accounts


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The Truth About Writing: An Essential Handbook for Novelists, Playwrights and Screenwriters

Michael Allen
Kingsfield Publications

Rather controversial personal view of writing and how it relates to publishing, which is generally quite critical of publishers. Our reviewer said: 'If I feel I’ve been stapled to the wall by a barrage of ‘must’s and ‘should’s, I don’t look as favourably on the text as I would if I feel a range of options has been laid out for me to sample.'

Personal Accounts

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