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Writing Opportunities


Writing Opportunities you might find interesting

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Closing datesort icon Added
11 April 2018 Winchester Writers Festival 2018 Writing Competitions
Open to all, no requirement to attend the Festival £6 per entry, +10 for feedback
Various prizes
2 days 13 hours ago
31 March 2018 The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2018
Any adult poet can enter a single unpublished poem written for children Entry fee €12
€1,000 Prize
2 weeks 1 day ago
1 March 2018 The White Review Short Story Prize 2018
Open to writers resident in Britain and Ireland who have yet to secure a publishing deal Entry fee £15 but some low income exclusions
5 weeks 15 hours ago
23 February 2018 The Big Idea Competition 2018
Open to UK residents age 13 and over No entry fee
Winner £1,000 plus promise that idea will become a complete story written by a successful children's author, 5 Runners-up £1,000
4 weeks 2 days ago
31 January 2018 The Interpreter's House Poetry Competition 2018
Open to all poets over 18 Entry fee £4 for one poem, £10 for three poems
First Prize £500, Second Prize £150 and Third Prize £100
7 weeks 1 day ago
8 January 2018 Pushkin Children’s Books open submission 2018
Open to all unpublished authors of middle-grade books
10 weeks 1 day ago
31 December 2017 The Moth Poetry Prize 2017
Open to anyone over the age of 16 Entry fee £12 per poem
First Prize €10,000 with 3 runner-up prizes of €1,000
14 weeks 15 hours ago
13 December 2017 Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers’ Award 2018
Entrants must write in the English language and reside within the British Commonwealth and Eire. No entry fee
15 weeks 1 day ago
10 December 2017 Emma Press poetry and prose open submission
Open to all writers internationally but you have to join the Emma Press Club No entry fee
12 weeks 1 day ago
30 November 2017 National Novel Writing Month 2017
Open to all writers of 13 and over No entry fee
You win by writing a 50,000 word novel
17 weeks 1 day ago
31 October 2017 National Poetry Competition 2017
Open to all poets of 17 and over internationally Entry fee £6.50
First prize: £5,000, Second prize: £2,000, Third prize: £1,000 and Seven commendations: £200 each
20 weeks 2 days ago
29 September 2017 Manchester Poetry and Fiction Prizes 2017
Open to all internationally £17.50 entry fee for each prize
£10,000 for each
23 weeks 1 day ago