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A sobering story

18 January 2016

It's a slightly demanding read, but Mike Shatzkin's latest post on The Shatzkin Files is essential reading if you want to understand the contemporary bookselling scene and how it is increasingly controlled and shaped by the huge conglomerates which dominate the web.  Read more

BookExpo, Google and Authors' groups

1 June 2015

This was a week packed with news, much of it from Book Expo, so this is just a short summary.  Read more

Google triumphs

18 November 2013

After eight years of litigation over Google's scanning of more than 20 million books in libraries, Judge Denny Chin has come down in their favour:  Read more

Google and British Library digitisation project

27 June 2011

The British Library and Google have just announced a partnership to digitise 250,000 out-of-copyright books from the Library's collections. Opening up access to one of the greatest collections of books in the world, this demonstrates the Library's commitment to increase access to anyone who wants to do research.  Read more

Stunning news on Google Settlement

28 March 2011

Some weeks there's just too much news for us to cover in a short column and this is one of those weeks, so for now the latest moves in the ongoing Google Settlement saga (see News Review 27 April 2009 and 16 November 2009) have to take precedence.  Read more

Ngram wows them all

3 January 2011

A fantastic new tool has become available for anyone interested in using the power of the web to trace word use. Google's Ngram is a digital storehouse which comprises words and short phrases - 500 billion of them from 5.2 million books - contained in books published between 1500 and 2008 in English French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian.  Read more

So what's the Google Settlement all about?

23 November 2009

You may be thoroughly bored with the Google Settlement (see last week's News Review) but it has a significant impact on authors' rights so it's worth making the effort to understand what it's all about.   Read more

Google Settlement agreed

16 November 2009

The New Google Settlement (see News Review 7 September) looks like a reasonable resolution of a thorny set of problems. Bowing to pressure from foreign governments and the US Department of Justice, the revised Settlement presented to the district Court in New York shortly before midnight on Friday limits the scope of the scheme to works registered with   Read more

Google goes for broke

7 September 2009

After a slow start, objectors have finally been getting their arguments against Google's plans in before the closing date of last Friday, 4 September.   Read more

Google grabs rights to digitised books

27 April 2009

Google's recent class action settlement in the US will award sweeping rights to manage and sell digitised versions of every work published or made available in the US. The settlement allows Google - which has already digitised more than seven million books - the non-exclusive right to digitise every book published before 5th January this year.  Read more

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