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Our Editorial Services

Editorial Services

We can help you prepare your book for self-publishing or publication by a publisher
  • Getting your manuscript into shape before you start has become even more important, whether you are submitting to publishers or planning to publish yourself.
  • We offer access to skilled editors
  • We are developing a new suite of Services for self-publishers.

For an outline of all the writers' services Frequently asked questions about our Services Some fictionalised stories of how the services work for writers
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  1. Copy editing service
  2. Editor's Report
  3. Children's editorial services
  4. Submission critique
  5. Manuscript polishing service
  6. Rewriting
  7. Translation editing service
  8. Reader's Report
  9. Editor's Report Plus
  10. Synopsis-writing service
  11. Blurb-writing
  12. Poetry critique service
  13. Poetry Collection editing
  14. Scriptwriting assessment service
  15. Proof-reading service
  16. Indexing
  17. Contract Vetting
  18. PHD editing service
  19. Typing manuscripts
  20. Self-Publishing

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Services for self-publishers

Advice for writers

Our skilled team offers a range of services which will help you get your manuscript into publishable shape.

  • Our services start with a basic report and cover everything up to rewriting, with contract vetting and a self-publishing package also available.
  • Our Copy editing service and Manuscript Polishing Service are particular specialities.
  • If you are not sure what you need, take a look at Choosing a service before following the link to the page which will give you more detail on the individual service.


We provide access to top-level freelance editors plus competitive prices because our overheads are low. We offer a quality service and have been doing so since 2001.

Fees are shown in £ sterling but you can pay in any currency. Our Exchange calculator helps you convert the figure to any currency.

Contacting us

To enable us to handle your work  we need a name and email address. The other information helps us find you if there is a problem with your email. Check what we do with this information.