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Our Editing Services

Our 8 UK-based Copy editing services specialise in writers' needs, offering competitive rates and providing highly experienced professional editors.

We offer a wide range of editorial services to help you prepare your manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher, or for self-publication. Our team of expert editors has years of experience in helping and advising authors; we can help you to bring your work to a professional level of excellence. Most of our editing services offer a free sample and they are all excellent value for money.

If you are not sure which of our editing services you require, we can assess your manuscript, and recommend the service that is most appropriate to your needs. Contact us here.

We offer all our copy editing services in UK, US and International English.

Copy Editing

Copy editing brings out the best in your manuscript. Our specialist copy editors will check your work thoroughly and correct typographical and spelling errors, punctuation and grammar, and alert you to problems with continuity or questionable word or phrase choices. This service offers excellent value for money and is carried out to the highest professional standard. You can find a detailed description of our copy editing service here.

Copy Editing for the Children's Book Market

Our specialist children's book editors will copy edit your work to our usual professional standard and will also check that your vocabulary is appropriate to the age group you are writing for, and highlight any issues relevant to the children's market. You can find a detailed description of our copy editing for the children's book market here.

Manuscript Polishing

Some manuscripts require a little extra help to bring them to a professional standard. Our manuscript polishing service offers the usual high standard of copy editing, but in addition we will enhance your work by improving sentence structure, replacing weak or ambiguous word choices, and making the text flow more smoothly and naturally. You can find a detailed description of our manuscript polishing service here.

The Writer's Edit

This enhanced editing service includes copy editing to our usual professional standard, but in addition our specialist editors will provide a set of guidance notes to help you make your writing even better. For new writers, this service offers a comprehensive developmental edit; for more experienced authors, it offers the opportunity to bring your writing to a new level. You can find a detailed description of the Writer's Edit here.

English Language Editing

If English is not your native language, you may require extra help to take your work to a professional standard. Our specialist editors have years of experience working with authors writing in English as a second language. We can help you to bring your work to a native level of fluency, and a professional level of excellence. You can find a detailed description of our English language editing service here.

The Cutting edit

So you have finished your book, but it is too long; how do you go about reducing the word count without losing important parts of your work? Our experienced editors will work with you to reduce the word count of your book while preserving the main narrative elements and your individual style. Our new Cutting Edit service is here.

Developmental editing

Our Developmental edit is specifically designed to help you bring your writing to the next level. Our experienced team of editors will guide and support you, helping you to grow as a writer, as you take your book project from draft manuscript to finished product.You can find this brand new service here.

Proofreading Service

Our proofreading service offers a final check of your manuscript, to make sure that all necessary corrections have been made, and that your work is fully ready for publication or submission. You can find a detailed description of our proof-reading service here.