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Here is a small selection of the many complimentary things people have said about the WritersServices site:

Our newsletter

'Hi, I'm on your email list and just wanted to say thanks for the great emails you put out. I've entered one or two competitions as a result of seeing them on your email and, although I haven't won yet I have come close! But the information you give out is brilliant - so I just wanted to say thanks. Your efforts are appreciated.' Alison Chaplin, Manchester

Our services

'Many thanks to you and the Editor for the edits, and the comments. I am really pleased with the services of your company. Will definitely use it again.' Merlin, India

'The copy-editor perfectly captured the spirit of my story, making not only pertinent corrections, but also a string of brilliant suggestions and comments that inspired me to improve the text on my own. So happy I chose Writers Services. Rasmus, Chile.'

'I cannot emphasise enough my gratitude to I more or less expected that they would treat me and my texts professionally - after all, this is what the site offers. What I haven't expected was the extra mile they were prepared to go on my behalf, their beautiful attention to both the letter and the spirit of what I had to say. My manuscript has now found an agent - a happy development in which they have definitely played a role. All I can say is that if I ever produce anything else, I will definitely be their client again.' Sveta, Windsor, UK

‘This report is so incredibly helpful, both for improving Gone to the Sky and my future work. Absolutely worth its weight in gold.' Ada Fox, Virginia, US

‘A wonderfully detailed and helpful report. The editorial advice and knowledge sharing is extensive and generous. Your editor has identified the points where and why my novel falls short and provided clear and practical advice on how to remedy the shortfalls... I would not hesitate to recommend your service to other writers both in terms of output and value for money.' Elspeth, UK

'I am delighted with the feedback and so pleased with all the great suggestions which were so much more than I expected. A really brilliant service.' Sally Gibbins , Birmingham, UK, on her children's copy editing.

‘WritersServices editors are not just excellent professionals, they are persons of letters involved in helping the writers who are trying to enter in the world of British books... I am impressed. I am grateful. I'm delighted. Thank you so much.' Daniela Stanciulescu, Paris

'The outcome of my experience with Writerservices has far exceeded my expectation and I was amazed by their professionalism, hard work, knowledge and keenness to edit my manuscript of the novel, "Uncle Thesiger's Mashhuf", in every detail, thereby ensuring it will appeal to English readers. Their services are very helpful to all writers', Ammar Al Thuwaini, an Iraqi novelist and translator.

On English Language editing: 'The result? A book that reads like it's written by a native speaker for only 13% of the price a complete translation would have costed. Thank you, writersservices.' Anthony Fitzgerald

'Please extend my gratitude to the editor for his/her thoughtful and detailed edit. I could not ask for better work! Its value far exceeded the cost.' Jim, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)

'I've used two services with this company: The Editor's Plus Report and the Writer's Edit. I am completely satisfied with the service I received and said service has led to the completion and publication of my first novel: Lightforce. I would recommend any of these services to any aspiring author.' Jason Handleman, author of Lightforce (Everything Changes Book 1)

'I cannot thank you enough!! Your editor has worked her magic and I am delighted with the results!! Please thank her for me, I really appreciate what she has done!' Wendy White

'As a total neophyte as a writer, I have been doing a huge amount of research suddenly as to what services are available to writers, on both sides of the Atlantic, and am amazed that you are able to have someone read a whole book and give a serious critique for just 180 pounds. I think that is incredible value for money, compared to other similar services that appear to be available out there. I hope to be back to you again for more assistance, once I've cleaned up my work! Martin Humphries, Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Today I only want to say, "thank you". DM has done a truly great job. I have worked with her suggestions which have brought clarity and depth to my subject. Her work on my punctuation is brilliant. As I read through the manuscript now, it is like gliding on silk.' Helena Dodds

'I'd like to thank you so much for the reports on my work... I'm going to read the reports over and over, take the time to think and plan, and you can be sure you'll receive the revision a year from now, maybe less. You offer an excellent service for a very fair cost, and I'm grateful to have found you.' Bill Neenan

The website

The site covers EVERYTHING a new writer, established writer, or a wannabe writer could possibly want or need to know.'
Hester Mundis, author many books, including My Chimp Friday, Heart Songs For Animal Lovers and The Vitamin Bible

‘I love visiting your web site each week for updates - there is just so much fantastic information there.’
Megan from Australia

'The whole process has been an education. Whatever the outcome of the manuscript, I will always remember the professional advice the 'writer's services' have offered.'
Sara Sarre, Valencia

‘My co-author Laura Whitcomb and I are delighted to feature your website in our book, Your First Novel. In researching the book, we visited countless sites, and found relatively few that we thought were worth an aspiring writer's time and attention. Yours really stood out, so we recommended it to our readers.

We deeply appreciate the work you do on behalf of authors, and are pleased to help spread the word about your excellent site.’
Ann Rittenberg,

'The bottom line is to say thank you for the help you have given which to my eye seems to have been highly professional from small things such as meeting the target dates you set to the evident attention to detail. I have been bombarded with stories of companies offering to assist writers with 'come on promises' to generate more business so to feel I am dealing with a genuine professional and respected group is both a relief and a pleasure.'
Garth Gunston

"I used Writers' Services for Editor's Reports three times while I was writing my first novel, The Killing Code, and I must say that their professionalism and expertise was truly impressive. Prices are reasonable and I credit them with helping me to hone my book to a high standard. It's now a top seller on Amazon lists for the thrillers and action/adventure categories, and receiving excellent reviews. Thank you Chris and your team!"
Craig Hurren

Thank you for forwarding the Editor's report containing the excellent professional advice and observations which I, as a first-time writer sorely needed. I will re-work the novel as suggested and would like to resubmit it for another editing overview in due course. Please thank the Editor for her supportive comments and again thanks to you for providing a superb service with the best value I have had for £180 in many a long year.
Den Harding, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, UK

'Thank you! I received the comments --- most eagerly awaited --- and just sped-read through now. When everyone is off to school I will go back to read through all of the details. It gives me much to think about. I'm most grateful for the thoughtful and articulate response. It's fantastic!'
Nancy Jarzombek, Belmont, Massachusetts

'I want to thank Chris and the team at Writers Services for their help and tolerance. My first submission of my rough draft came back with an extremely useful critique. I restructured, rewrote and resubmitted - and got an excellent feedback which has helped me to revise the book by highlighting the weaknesses and the development needed... the help received so far is already paying dividends. I have just signed with an agent on the strength of the latest draft.'
Patrick Cox

‘Thank you for offering such a wonderful service. As always, I appreciate your professionalism and your excellent rapport with your clients.’
Susan Nadathur

‘Thank you again for all your wonderful work. I really appreciate it and feel very blessed to have benefited from your services.’
Cissi Williams

‘Absolutely first class job! Very professional. Thank you very much indeed. Wish I'd found you before, it would certainly have saved me a lot of unnecessary headaches. I'll now bin the rest of the editors I've so far dealt with, and hope to keep contact with you.’
Steven Kocsis

‘Having seen the report, I can't praise your service highly enough - both in terms of value for money and timeliness. It's the best £110 I've spent in a long time…. I really can't commend your service enough - and you're welcome to put that on your site as well. Having had a bit longer to study the report, it really is the most ridiculously good value for money, and many of the comments are spot on. I've already recommended you to a fellow aspiring novelist, and I'm sure I'll be coming back to you.’
Beric Davies

'Once again I would like to thank you and Writers' Services for all your help. I have found the experience most enlightening and rewarding.'
Monica Anderson