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Selling your work

Books on literary agents, proposals, selling your own work and publicity.

Selling your work from WritersBookStall


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How to Market Books: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Profit and Exploiting All Channels to Market

Alison Baverstock
Kogan Page

Extremely thorough handbook on book marketing, with especially good chapters on direct marketing and reaching specific interest markets. Our reviewer said: 'highly recommended for all self-publishers, authors and marketers in publishing, or anyone who wants to develop their book promotion skills.'

Selling your work


Writer's Guide to Overcoming Rejection: Sales Course for the as Yet Unpublished

Edward Baker
Summersdale Publishers

Unusual book written by a professional sales manager, which tells you how to sell yourself and your book, and how to deal with rejection.

Selling your work


Publicity Handbook

David R. Yale
McGraw-Hill Contemporary

A 448 page large-format paperback which is the last word for American journalists and PR professionals on the subject of how to get publicity.

Selling your work


One Step Ahead: Publicity, Newspapers and Press Releases

Alison Baverstock
Oxford University Press

Snappy little book which helps you to sell your ideas and write effective copy, including how to develop a publishing strategy and stick to it, and working out what message to present.

Selling your work


Marketing Your Book: An Author's Guide (Writing Handbooks)

Alison Baverstock
A & C Black Publishers Ltd

Detailed practical advice about how to market your book from a well-known author in the writing field. Publishing News said it ‘provides practical help for authors who want to get involved in the marketing of their books.’

Selling your work


The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals

Moira Anderson Allen
Allworth Press,U.S.

This substantial paperback volume delivers the last word on how to make pitches of all sorts, relating to a wide range of writing for many purposes. The author, quite rightly, says: 'There's always more good writing than there are markets for that writing, so you have to intrigue the editor.'

Selling your work


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An Author's Guide to Literary Agents

Michael Legat
Robert Hale Ltd

Written by a distinguished former publisher and author of many books for writers, an invaluable guide for any writer thinking about getting an agent. More

Selling your work


Agents, Editors and You: The Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published (Writer's Market Library)

Michelle Howry
Writer's Digest Books

An up-to-date and hard-nosed round-up of information on what agents and editors are looking for, including what agents actually do. Full question-and-answer approach and practical guidelines to help you get published.

Selling your work


How to Market You & Your Book: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Get Your Book Published with Maximum Sales

Richard F. X. O'Connor, Richard F. C'Connor
O'Connor House

This markets itself as the insider’s handbook of practical information and provides many useful ideas for novice writers and self-publishers. The author, whose experience comes from working for the American booksellers Doubleday and Waldenbooks, says that: ‘To write is not enough. Like it or not we must sell ourselves to others.’ He covers marketing, promotion and retailing, but maintains that word of mouth is still the best way to sell books.

Selling your work


How to Self-publish Your Own Comic Book: The Complete Resource Guide to the Business, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion of Comic Books

Tony C. Caputo
Watson-Guptill Publications Inc.,U.S.

A fun but effective illustrated large-format manual to the business, production, distribution, marketing and promotion of comic books.

Selling your work

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