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News stories from the book world in May 2015

May 2015

Has self-publishing changed publishing?

18 May 2015

There's so much talk about the way self-publishing has changed publishing, but has it really? There's plenty of evidence that, for the authors trying to get themselves taken on by a publisher, nothing much has changed.  Read more

Ebooks challenged by print books

11 May 2015

The trends on ebooks show a backwards shift. Whilst in 2012 there was a rapid shift towards ebooks, this has now reversed itself in favour of print books. To some extent this seems to be because ebooks are losing their novelty, but there's a real change in buying patterns, particularly amongst heavy readers.  Read more

Writing genre fiction

4 May 2015

If you're writing genre fiction, or planning to, it's important to understand what's working in the market and what's already out there. This is the sort of information you can only get by a close study of publishers' genre lists and by reading as many books in your chosen genre as you can.  Read more

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