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The September Magazine has a new article from Tom Chalmers of IPR LIcense, How to get your book in the hands of an international audience, a short piece entitled Which Report?, describing the various reports we offer, and a wide-ranging set of links.


Prominent New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has criticized Amazon for using its power in ways that "hurt America".

The Nobel Prize-winning economist, who has been described as The Times' "most heralded" columnist, used a piece in the newspaper yesterday (19th October) to argue that...

The battle between Amazon and the Big Five publishers is complicated by the fact that neither "side" is exactly easy for authors and readers to be on.

Among the many ideas that rose to the forefront of discussions at this year's Women's Writing Festival was the idea of collaboration among writers, an idea that has come of age with the digital revolution.

Last week's announcement that Richard Flanagan had won the Man Booker prize for fiction has propelled the Tasmanian-born writer into the international literary orbit, but it also has the local publishing community seeing stars.

Delivery methods come and go, Michael Bhaskar writes, but high quality content endures.

Commentary: 'They take on lives of their own' 27 October 2014

'I've a pretty good idea of what the story is and where it's going. The trouble is that, though you've laboured to create these characters and thought of plausible things for them to do, they take on lives of their own. I've often thought that writing fiction was like industrial management.

Whats new: 19 October 2014 - What's new 19 October 2014
  • This week News Review looks at how ebook buyers are increasing their reading because they're cheaper, an open submission from Little Brown UK's Blackfriars list and a Success Story from Jessie Burton.
  • 'Jessie Burton's road to success is interesting because it's only just happened...
News Review: Ebook buyers reading more books 20 October 2014

A new Mintel survey this week shows that ebook fans are increasing their reading because ebooks are cheaper. These UK figures show that 26% of consumers who have bought an e-book in the last year are reading more than they used to because e-books cost less than paperbacks, a figure that rises to...

Sure is quiet out there.

I mean seriously, with a gabillion people online these days, wouldn't a few even accidentally stumble across your website?

Isn't it statistically impossible (or at least, improbable) that you should have so little traffic to this darn blog that you've spent...

In the latest "Global Survey of Book Publishing," published by industry consultant Rüdiger Wischenbart, Pearson topped the list of the world's largest publishers and was followed by Reed Elsevier, Thompson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, Random House, Hachette Livre, McGraw-Hill Education, Grupo...

The Australian winner of this year's Man Booker prize has echoed the concerns of his compatriot Peter Carey about the fate of literature from "smaller cultures" in the wake of the decision to allow American novels to compete for the prize.

The argument against Amazon seems to rest on the proposition that if trad-pubs aren't awarded excess returns, over and above the actual free-market value of their products, then there will be no money to pay authors to write "serious literature," irreparably harming our culture and society.

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