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Education Resource Centre

WritersServices Education Resource Centre has been produced to help those providing writing courses. There are nearly 80 pages formatted ready for use as handouts or in course material.

The simple format is designed to make it easy for you to print on A4 sized paper. You can also get pages from the main site to print by going to the print icon below the main body of the text.

Condition of use

You may make copies of the pages for educational purposes. If you wish to alter the format or extract from the material, please apply for permission. This will normally be granted free of charge.

The material is the copyright of the authors and WritersServices. The copyright notice must be acknowledged by leaving the notice included on each page.

Advice on printing


We have enlisted the help of a number of distinguished writers and publishing figures to develop our Writers' Resources. This part of the site has become a massive resource base for writers.

Michael Legat's Factsheets

A former publisher, novelist and author of twelve books on writing, Michael Legat has produced for WritersServices a series of specially commissioned information-packed factsheets, which cover the essentials for writers.

Inside Publishing

A series of nineteen articles written by Chris Holifield, which explains the inside workings of the publishing business.

Getting Published

Writers Services Self-publishing offers a print on demand design and production service and a marketing service. This collection of forty-five articles explains how to prepare, publish and market a book. It includes many of the legal as well as the technical aspects of publication.

Health Hazards

Writer's cramp and eye problems plagued writers of previous generations. As writers now spend a lot of time at their computer there are new risks, which this series investigates.


Our page of links to Advice for Writers is a good way to access a lot of information on the site.

Other advice for writers

There are other useful educational sections


   Please note that you can also get pages from the main site to print by clicking on the print icon below the main body of the text.

    These articles are provided by for use as course material.

    The articles are in a print-friendly format. ?