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Changing Direction? Exploring a New Genre?

Suzanne RuthvenChanging Direction? Exploring a New Genre?
It's been a very good year for Compass BooksAn Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Focuses on practical and informative ‘how-to’ books for writers with lots of interesting new titles on our list and even more in production. Rather than concentrating on beginners' books, we're constantly on the lookout for titles that offer sound, practical advice for the more experienced writer looking at changing genre, written by authors who are widely published in that particular area.

Apart from the best-selling authors, few writers remain tied to their original writing interest, and as the years go by we all experiment with a change of direction, while some - like the astute Mr Bowie - develop the knack of re-inventing themselves as the marketplace ebbs and flows. Our current list offers suggestions for generating new ideas from old topics (Life-Writes, Surfing The Rainbow, Handy Hints for Writers) or revealing the tricks of the trade for more specific marketplaces such as How To Write For The How-To Market, The Country Writers' Craft, The Pagan Writers Guide (MB&S), Telling Life's Tales (autobiography), The Lifestyle Writer (home and family).

Each genre has its own quirks and foibles and Compass Books offer the would-be novelist an insight into the different areas of fiction that demand a certain amount of research by the writer before embarking on a change of career. We have already added Write a Western in 30 Days with Passionate Plots, How To Write a Chilling Thriller and Horror Upon Horror in production. These books offer valuable insight into each particular genre by published authors.

We are currently interested in how-to write submissions from author-tutors in the genres of crime and detection fiction, business, sport, warfare, women's and literary fiction with plenty of author quotes, examples and writing exercises included in the text. Submissions should be submitted via the website or email in the form of a short proposal in the first instance; followed on request by a synopsis, full chapter breakdown for non-fiction, author biography and opening chapters. The finished typescript should not be less than 45,000 words and each chapter should contain a number of formal writing exercises. A decision is normally made within 1-2 weeks. No advances: royalties paid twice yearly.

We have also introduced a mini how-to series, Compass Points, on the different writing disciplines and techniques in specific areas, and would like to add how-to books such as covering pace and narrative (the importance of establishing time and place), constructing the plot, editing your own writing, etc. And we're looking for experienced authors to tell us how to do it! The finished typescript should be around 25,000 words maximum including writing exercises - but please submit a short proposal with author biography in the first instance via the website or email.

Commissioning editor: Suzanne Ruthven
, the former editor of The New WriterThis well-regarded magazine comes out six times a year and publishes the best in fact, fiction and poetry, including top stories from the Fish Prize and Real Writers annual competitions. Runs annual Prose and Poetry prizes, including short stories, novellas and essays, material to be submitted by end November. The magazine is towards the more literary end of the spectrum, but offers more publishing opportunities and market information for subscribers than other UK-based creative writing magazines. magazine and commissioning editor for Compass Books, a writer's how-to book imprint for John Hunt PublishingExplore the "Our Imprints" section to learn more about our uniquely qualified publishers and their supporting teams. . She is also author of nearly 40 titles in the MB&S and countryside genres, including two novels. She regularly provides contributions to a wide variety of different magazines and writing-related blogs and Facebook sites.

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