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Janice's story


RSI - Janice's story | Health Hazards

RSI - Janice's story

'It all happened very fast. It began with a very sore arm which my doctor diagnosed as tennis elbow. I took some anti-inflammatory drugs and by the time I returned from a scheduled holiday, it all felt fine.

'But I returned to a mountain of work and, what was probably worse, I inherited a desk set up for a six foot man. The only way to get comfortable was to lower the chair to allow my feet to touch the floor.

'In that position I was reaching up to use the keyboard and mouse. Within days the pain began to build and after a few weeks it was continuous. At that stage I could not grip anything or raise my right arm.

'Suddenly it was impossible to drive, dress, iron or cook. I was in pain 24 hours a day. My doctor was sympathetic but the specialist was a pig. What he wanted to know was if my visit was for a compensation claim or some sick leave.

'I have now been told that there is damage to the sheath surrounding the nerve and have been told not to expect any recovery. However, I can now drive but only in cars with power steering and use a computer with the aid of some extra technology. But on the domestic front I have come to depend on my partner and kids for any task that requires me to grip.

'I would advise everybody to take care with their posture. Do not ignore the warning signs. Also, avoid using laptops as much as possible and get rid of your mouse and find a tracking device that suits you.'