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Books for writers on our writers' bookshelf

We invite author-reviewers to recommend their favourite books for writers. If you have any suggestions of books we should review, please let us know.

Software for writers

The computer is the implement of choice for writers. We test some of the tools.

Magazine reviews

A useful feature which provides reviews of writers magazines and helps you to decide which one is right for you:


  • These books can help you with your writing and provide assistance with getting published. 
  • The detailed reviews give a clear idea of the content of the books to allow you to assess whether they're what you need,
  • You can order them through the WritersBookstall, where they are listed along with over a hundred other carefully-classified books.
  • The products reviewed.
  • They attempt to give you an idea of what the package can do and so you can decide if it is worth using.
  • You can order many of them through the WritersBookstall,  but most have a trial version or free download available.