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The Agency (London) Ltd

24 Pottery Lane, Holland Park

London, W11 4LZ
United Kingdom

Children's Books Executive

  • Hilary Delamere

Film/TV/Theatre Executives

  • Stephen Durbridge
  • Leah Schmidt
  • Bethan Evans
  • Julia Kreitman
  • Norman North
  • Katie Haines
  • Faye Webber
  • Nick Quinn
  • Ian Benson

Founded in 1995, they represent screenwriters, directors, playwrights, composers, and children's authors & illustrators.

Also film and TV rights in novels and non-fiction. Adult novels represented only for existing clients.

Also handle dramatic rights for a number of authors, working in association with the literary agencies Rogers, Coleridge & White

Set up in 1967 and shortly afterwards was joined by Pat White. Rogers, Coleridge and White was founded twenty years later, when Gill Coleridge left Anthony Sheil Associates to join them in 1987.

Full-length book MSS, including children's books (home 15%, USA 20%, translation 20%). No unsolicited MSS, and no submissions by fax or email.

Children's fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA 20%). Handles novelty books, picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction, series fiction, non-fiction and reference.

Submissions should include a covering letter telling about yourself and the background to the book.  In the case of fiction they should consist of the first three chapters or approximately the first fifty pages of the work to a natural break, and a brief synopsis.

Non-fiction submissions should take the form of a proposal up to twenty pages in length explaining what the work is about and why you are best placed to write it.   Material should be printed out in 12 point font, in double-spacing and on one side only of A4 paper.

No unsolicited MSS. No submissions by fax or email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

, Luigi Bonomi Associates, Faith Evans, Gregory & Company, David Grossman, A.M.Heath, Lutyens & Rubinstein, and Lavinia Trevor.

020-7727 1346
020-7727 9037

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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