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Having trouble with printouts?


Education Resources from

The articles in the Education Resource Centre are copies of full HTML versions elsewhere in the WritersServices site.

To make them printer-friendly:

  • Borders and themes have been removed
  • Many internal links have been taken out articles but external links to other sites are left in place and will work if the article is pasted as a computer document
  • Minimal colour has been used
  • Standard fonts have been employed

This should produce a neatly formatted page for standard European and US paper sizes. We have tried to make them fit onto a single page.

Before selecting print, click your cursor on the body of the text. Some printers might just print out the page header which has some navigations. Many printers will ignore this.

You can also cut and paste the text into documents for further processing as worksheets etc.

Use the 'preview' facility before printing to see how the page will look. You can then adjust the borders and margins.

But you do still have some measure of control over how the pages print out:

  • You might need to adjust the space provided for borders and margins.
  • You can turn colours into grey-scale, although most black and white printers will do this automatically.

Many pages have been laid out to fit onto a single sheet of paper, but this is not always possible.

Explore the facilities provided by your printer - Many printers can format the text to fill whatever page size you use and much more

These articles are provide by for use as course material.

The articles are in a print-friendly format. Having trouble?


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