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Glossary beginning with M

Glossary terms

--Mantra Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Publish books on Eastern religions and philosophies. Books that aim to inform and explore the various traditions, that began rooted in East and have migrated West. See also: John Hunt Publishing
--Moon Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Paganism is a creative pursuit, an encounter with reality, an exploration of meaning and an expression of the soul. Druids, Heathens, Wiccans and others, all contribute their insights and literary riches to the Pagan tradition. Moon Books invites you to begin or to deepen your own encounter, right here, right nowSee also: John Hunt Publishing
Macsearch for term

The time when computers were toys for bright boys and had names like Apple, Tangerine or Pet are history. Apple evolved into Mac or Macintosh after a brief flirtation with the lovely Lisa. The original company name lives on in the website title for the Mac. Downloads

Macaulay Fellowshipsearch for term

Award £5,000.

An Chomhairle Ealaíon (The Irish Arts Council), 70 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

Phone 00 353 1 6180200

Fax 00 353 1 6761302

Literature Officer: Sinéad Mac Aodha

To further the liberal education of a young creative artist. Candidates for this triennial award must be under 30 on 30 June, or 35 in exceptional circumstances, and must be Irish citizens or residents. The Fellowship is offered on rotation between Music, Visual Arts and Literature (Literature in 2002).


Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency Addresssearch for term
Maggie Noach Literary Agencysearch for term

Fiction, general non-fiction and children's. No unsolicited manuscripts - submissions by arrangement only. Home 15%, USA and translation 20%.

For adults we will consider quality fiction and narrative non-fiction (mainly travel and history).

For children we will consider full-length fiction for older children and young adults.

We will not consider illustrated books, poetry, specialist non-fiction or self-help. We are not looking for genre fiction. Very few new clients taken on.

Submissions should be addressed to Josie Stapleton and can be made by post or email. Please include covering letter, synopsis and the first three chapters of the book.

Founded 1982.

Maggie Pearlstine Associates Ltdsearch for term

No new authors.  Small agency representing a select few authors.

Translation rights handled by Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd.

Authors include Matthew Baylis, Roy Hattersley, Charles Kennedy, Quentin Letts, Prof. Kathy Sykes, Prof. Raj Persaud, Prof. Lesley Regan, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Prof. Robert Winston, Winifred Robinson, Christopher Ward.

MagPortalsearch for term

Portal offering very up-to-date listings of articles available on the web in a carefully targeted content delivery service. Some of them are free. Book section:

Margret McBride Literary Agencysearch for term

Founded 1981.

Business, mainstream fiction and non-fiction.

No poetry or children's books.

Submit query letter with sase to Margret McBride.

Detailed submission guidelines


Maria Carvainis Agency for term

Currently Handles:

  • 34% nonfiction books
  • 65% novels
  • 1% poetry


Science/Technology (pop science)
Women's Issues/Studies
Does not want to receive science fiction or children's picture books.

Query with SASE
Responds in 1 week to queries.
Responds in 3 months to manuscripts.

Obtains 60% of new clients through recommendations from others and conferences; 40% from query letters.

Works in conjunction with foreign, TV and movie agents.

Synonyms: Maria Carvainis Agency
Marianne Gunn O'Connor Literary Agencysearch for term

Commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction, biography, children's fiction.

Founded 1996.

No unsolicited MSS.

Translation rights handled by Vicki Satlow Literary Agency, Milan.

Marjacq Scripts Ltdsearch for term

All full-length MSS, including commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, crime, thrillers, commercial, women's fiction, children's, science fiction, history, biography, sport, travel, health. No poetry. Send first 3 chapter

Happy to review new work. Please note they do not represent stage plays or poetry.

Please send us samples of your work.

Please do not send enquiry or query letters without a sample of the actual work, nor advertisements, qualifications, testimonials, or marketing ideas. These are a waste of your time: only the work matters. Hand written or illegible submissions will not be accepted. Elaborate bindings, folders and packaging are unnecessary.

Submissions are confidential and will be safely shredded if they are unable to offer to represent you. Handling and postage costs means that they no longer return manuscripts, nor do they log them on receipt. Nor can they discuss your work with you before you become a client.

Represents commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. Please send a covering letter, a synopsis showing the structure of the completed work, and the first three chapters, marked for the attention of Philip Patterson. All submissions must be typed, double-spaced and on single side A4. Allow six weeks for a reply.

Represents theatrical motion picture screenplays, TV and radio plays. Please send a covering letter, short treatment and the entire screenplay, marked for the attention of Luke Speed. Allow six weeks for a reply.

Represents directors for Film and TV. Please send a covering letter and biography, along with any sample films and/or show reels to Luke Speed. DVDs and VHS tapes are acceptable. Director/Screenwriters should also submit a writing sample, in addition to sample film work.

Marshall Cavendish Educationsearch for term
Mary Clemmey Literary Agencysearch for term

High-quality fiction and non-fiction with an international market.

No children's books or science fiction. TV, film, radio and theatre scripts from existing clients only. Works in conjunction with US agent.

No unsolicited MSS and no email submissions. Approach first by letter (including sae).

US clients include Frederick Hill, Bonnie Nadell Inc., Lynn C. Franklin Associates Ltd, The Miller Agency, Roslyn Targ, Weingel-Fidel Agency Inc. and Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.

Mary Evans Picture Librarysearch for term
This well-regarded library has just celebrated its fortieth anniversary and specialises, appropriately enough, in history. A family business, it takes conservation of material seriously and has over 135,000 images - perfect if you're writing history titles or biography.
Maureen Kincaid Spellersearch for term
Maureen Kincaid Speller a reviewer, writer, editor and former librarian, is our book reviewer and also works for WritersServices as a freelance editor.
MayerBenham Ltdsearch for term

Founded in 2002 by Simon Benham and Jo Mayer, MBL offers publishing, agenting and consulting services.

MBL agency deals in non fiction across a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from Humour to Interior Design

No unsolicited MS; email in first instance.

Authors include Keith Allen, Jacqueline Doherty, Peter Fisk, Will Hodgkinson, Tony Husband, The Idler, Dan Kieran, Ian McCulloch, Danielle Proud, Amanda Smith, David Taylor, Ian Vince, Chris Yates.

MBA Literary Agents Ltd (incorporating Merric Davidson Literary Agency)search for term

Based in London' s West End for over 30 years, MBA is a leading literary agency representing writers in all media: books, and scripts for film, television, radio and theatre and directors.

No unsolicited submissions.

Fiction and non-fiction, and TV, film, radio and theatre scripts.

Works in conjunction with agents in most countries. UK representative for the Donald Maass Agency, the Martha Millard Agency, the Frances Collin Agency and the Jabberwocky Literary Agency. Founded 1971. Represents scripts for TV, radio, theatre and film. Commission : home 15%, overseas 20%.

Synonyms: MBA Literary Agents, Merric Davidson Literary Agency
McIntosh Otis for term

Founded 1928.

Adult Fiction:
Please send a query letter, synopsis, author bio, the first two chapters, and a SASE.

Adult Nonfiction:
Please send an outline and all that is required for fiction guidelines above.

Middle Grade and YA: Please send a query letter, the first three pages of manuscript, and a SASE
Picture Books: Please send a query letter. One picture book manuscript only, and a SASE.

Film and Dramatic Rights:
Please send query, synopsis, and a SASE.

Submissions should be mailed to:

McIntosh & Otis, Inc., Attn: (*Please reference department*) + address
But no unsolicited MSS for novels; query first. No submissions by email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision.


Mediabistrosearch for term

US site for media professionals, particularly journalists, but also of general interest. Links to US media's coverage of itself.

Megan Kerrsearch for term
We've included the website of this enterprising writer and ghost-writer because it includes useful resources such as The Publishing Machine, a free database to do all your admin for you, and a toolbar to sort out your layout and styles, useful templates for Word and Excel, and a quick tutorial on Styles and formatting in Word.
Melanie Colbertsearch for term
Merriam-Webster Onlinesearch for term

America’s largest dictionary offered online, with access to 1,800 other dictionaries in 230 languages.

Metamorphosis Literary Agencysearch for term
Methuen Dramasearch for term

Methuen Drama publishes over 1000 books on drama and media, including Arden Shakespeare, Student Editions, New Mermaids, Modern Plays and a selection of film and media books. Browse the left hand menu for all our categories.


Methuen & Co, Ltd. was founded by Algernon Methuen Marshall Steadman, a teacher and headmaster, in 1889. He believed in books that were helpful and published mostly non-fiction academic works in the early years branching out to encourage female authors and later translated works. Methuen was subsumed into the general publishing division of Associated Book Publishers, part of International Thomson, and the general list later sold to Reed International in December 1987. The academic list stayed with Routledge in ABP. It came into the Random House Group on the purchase of the Reed Consumer list in 1997.

Methuen Drama bought itself out from Random House in 1998 and moved into its own offices on Vauxhall Bridge Road as Methuen Publishing Limited on 4th January 1999. They then acquired the imprint of Politico’s, which specialises in political books, in April 2003. Methuen then moved to Buckingham Gate on 13th June 2005 and have since moved to Artillery Row. Subsequently Methuen Publishing has sold on its drama list to Bloomsbury in May 2006.

The Methuen archive was removed from the Random House Library on 9th December 2009. For questions relating to this collection post-2009 please contact Methuen Publishing.

See also: A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Methuen independent publisher
Methuen independent publishersearch for term
Click for Methuen Publishers References listingSee also: A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Methuen Drama Synonyms: Methuen & Co
Metropolitan Film Schoolsearch for term

Based in London, this runs a number of courses for aspiring film-makers, including its flagship From Story to Screen course which can run over 8 weeks full-time, plus shorter courses on script-writing.

Mews Bookssearch for term
Mic Cheetham Associates Ltdsearch for term

General and literary fiction, science fiction, some non-fiction.

Works with the Marsh Agency Ltd for foreign rights.

No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee.

New writers should approach the agency in writing (no email manuscripts accepted) outlining their novel on one page and including the first three chapters of their novel for consideration. They should accompany these chapters with biographical information about themselves, and an SAE for reply/return of material.

New writers are advised to acquaint themselves with the work of the writers currently represented by the agency before submitting their own work.

Founded 1994.


Synonyms: Mic Cheetham Associates
Michael Berenti Literary Agencysearch for term

Represents literary and general commercial fiction, thrillers, crime, suspense, fantasy, drama, science-fiction, film and TV scripts.

Non-Fiction: Politics, social sciences, current affairs history, military.

Does not represent: Poetry, Children's books, religious, how-to, drug-recovery, erotic, gardening or cookbooks.

Submission guidlines:

  • Manuscript should be typewritten with double spacing on one side of A4 paper, with each page accordingly numbered. Enclose a synopsis.
  • Please enquire first to see whether your work qualifies for evaluation. Fees applicable for evaluation. See website for details.
  • No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Founded 2008.

Michael Gifkins Associatessearch for term
Michael Meller Literary Agencysearch for term
Michael Snell Literary Agencysearch for term
Micheline Steinberg Associatessearch for term

Micheline Steinberg Associates was founded in 1985.

The agency represents writers for stage, television, film, radio and animation, as well as writer-directors.

MSA also acts for a number of literary estates and negotiates dramatic rights for novelists represented by associated literary agencies.

For enquiries, client lists, requests for performing rights and information about submitting scripts, please contact (NB: Please note they are unable to accept unsolicited script submissions by email.)

Michelle Kass Associatessearch for term

Represents writers for film. Full-length MSS. Literary fiction and drama scripts for film.

Will suggest revision where appropriate. Works with agents overseas. No reading fee.

Absolutely no unsolicited MSS without a preliminary phone call.

Founded 1991.

Miles Stott Literary Agencysearch for term
Mohrbooks AG, Literary Agencysearch for term
Moving Storiessearch for term

Idiosyncratic website from the (British) National Railway Museum offering a accounts of rail journeys for all train buffs or fans of travel writing. The stories are thematically arranged into carriages, with each passenger having their own tale to tell.

Mr William Shakespeare and the Internetsearch for term

America’s largest dictionary offered online, with access to 1,800 other dictionaries in 230 languages. annotated online guide to Shakespeare set up by Terry A Gray of Palomar College. Now in its fourth edition, this is a model of clarity and invaluable as a source on the Bard.

Mslexiasearch for term
Stylish and lively site for quarterly UK literary magazine read by 12,000 'committed' women writers. Good range of quality writing, information and advice with news, reviews, competitions and interviews, all presented in a friendly fashion. Praised by Helen Dunmore as 'astute, invigorating and above all an excellent read.' also: Women
Murder Filessearch for term
Expert researcher offers research service on British murders.
Murder Squadsearch for term

A virtual collective of seven crime writers from the north of England, which seems to be a model for achieving mutual support, communication with other writers and improved marketing.

Muse Literary Managementsearch for term

Special interests:

  • literary novels and short stories with popular appeal,
  • literary narrative non-fiction
  • mysteries/thrillers,
  • espionage fiction/non-fiction,
  • children's fiction/non-fiction.

Email submissions preferred - send 1 or 2 page synopsis.

Myriad Editionssearch for term
Online image bank of infographics from The State of the World Atlas by Dan Smith. Useful resource for students, academics, teachers, journalists and businesses, the store will soon contain maps and graphics from their entire State of the World Atlas series. Download via Paypal, low resolution images start at $1 and high resolution images from $50.
--Muse namessearch for term


Muse Names

Muse Creations



Muse - screenshot










"What’s in a name?"

Anyone who has spent, I nearly said wasted, weeks of their life struggling to name an unborn infant knows how time-consuming it can be. Help is at hand, especially if your ‘baby’ happens to be a story set in ancient Abyssinia, Shakespearian England or modern suburbia. Muse Names has the answer.

The package claims to have 40,000 names classified by country or cultural origin. What turns a long list into a powerful tool for writers is the way it selects a name to match a key word. If you want a name that is warm there are hundreds. To name an aggressive character you might find your choice constrained to Gaelic or Irish. If you want a brave Ukrainian character just ask and you have four to choose from.

You can search one or all of the data sets by name or meaning. You can choose the gender and a few other search parameters. If you conceived a character to be known by their nickname, you can type it in, set the gender, select the ‘contains’ button and see if the name fits any of the known names. This Muse is wonderful food for your creativity.

With each name you get an etymological brief and some numerology, plus New Age insight. The ‘Expression number’ gives ‘the outward expression of an individual's personality’ while the ‘Soul urge’ attempts to predict the nature of the character. If you want to explore this concept further, try:

The help system was informative and worth exploring as it explains the naming conventions of other cultures. On the negative side, Africa might be too broad a category, but the names are localised in the database and a database of previous bibliographic appearances would have been informative, but this is nit-picking. The price tag of $79 also seemed a bit steep for a simple tool but there is no competition.

It is a pleasure to find a small package that behaves itself. It installed and, after the review, uninstalled itself cleanly. The commands were all intuitive and the response was quick, even on the clunky machine reserved for reviews. As a bit of a nerd myself, I detected the welcome signs of quality software supporting this product.

Writing reviews is not my favourite occupation. My views on than half of the products I have reviewed are unprintable they and end up in the bin. But this was fun. Fun to install, fun to use and fun to discover those new slants on familiar and new names. Don’t just download ‘Muse Names’, cough up the $79 fee for your own copy.

The software comes from Muse Creations Inc.



© Charles Jones 2003

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