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Glossary beginning with B

Glossary terms

B J Robbins Literary Agencysearch for term
Badcock & Rozycki Literary Scoutssearch for term
Barbara Levy Literary Agencysearch for term

Association of Authors' Agents

Barbara Markowitz Literary Agencysearch for term
Barbara S. Kouts, Literary Agentsearch for term

Fiction and non-fiction, children's.

No phone calls. Send query letter first.

Founded 1980.

Baroque in Hackneysearch for term

Katy Evans-Bush's elegant blog about poetry, arts and culture, which has become a must-read for many.

Barrie James Literary Agencysearch for term

Internet site for new writers and poets to display their work to publishers.

Submission Guidelines:

Prefers on-line submissions.
If you need to submit your work by regular mail please note that  all postal submissions should be accompanied with a completed application form which may be downloaded from the website.

1500 words are ideal for your web page. If you exceed this figure the print size may be reduced to a point where readers may find it difficult to read your work.  Most of their writers prefer to use the first 200 words for a synopsis and the remainder as a sample of their work.

No unsolicited MSS. First contact: send sae or email.

Founded 1997.

Barry Goldblatt Literary LLCsearch for term
Bartlebysearch for term

Self-styled 'pre-eminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse' with a huge digital reference shelf including 86,000 quotations and 10,000 poems.

Synonyms: Great Books Online
BBC Computer Tutorsearch for term

Computer Tutor from the BBC website trains you on both mouse and keyboard and, to make things more fun, it’s set in 'Game Show World', a theme park about TV game shows.

BBC Photo Librarysearch for term

With over four million images, this offers to take you on a 'stroll down memory lane' to find images from the BBC's archive, including its new online Image Gallery.

BBC Typing Schoolsearch for term

A good resource addressed to younger people and part of the BBC’s Schools programming.

BBC World Servicesearch for term

How to Write pages provide pithy insights into writing novels, screenplays, radio plays and memoirs from authors such as Martin Amis, Rober McKee and Michele Roberts.

You might also be interested in their international playwriting competition and the top tips for play-writers.

BBC Writers' Forumsearch for term

There are pages of advice and plenty of contacts. The site provides useful information on writing for radio and TV as well as guidelines on submitting material in their WritersRoom.

Bella Pomer Agency for term
Berlin Associates Ltdsearch for term
Berman, Boals Flynnsearch for term

Dramatic writing only, and only by recommendation.

Best Poems Encyclopediasearch for term
Biblegatewaysearch for term

Gospelcom's collection of fifteen online versions of the Bible in 28 languages, with a terrific facility for looking up chapter and verse, and keywords, gives access to anything you want to find in the Good Book.

Bibliomaniasearch for term

A huge collection of classic texts, with an academic and educational bent (includes their own study guides)

Biography.comsearch for term

Website of the Biography Channel - useful if you're researching celebrities, but not good on more serious biographical subjects.

Bizreefsearch for term

Busy online bureau for freelance writers of all kinds. People post their projects, which are then bid for online.

Blake Friedmann Literary, TV & Film Agency Ltdsearch for term

The agency was founded in 1982

The co-founders - Carole Blake and Julian Friedmann - started their original agencies in the 1970s.

Represent writers rather than one-off projects, building a client's career in many markets and many media.

Book clients Film clients

Synonyms: Blake Friedmann Literary and Script Agents
Bloomsbury Magazinesearch for term

The famous Bloomsbury name is now applied to a web literary magazine, a writers' centre which gives advice to aspiring writers, a literary calendar of festivals and competitions plus a range of reading courses. Bloomsbury Magazine

Book & Such Literary Agency search for term

Lots of advice about submissions

Book 2 Book: Book Infosearch for term

Useful up-to-the-minute book trade news site and directory from the UK

Book Aid Internationalsearch for term
Supplies much-needed books to developing countries, raising funds from publishers and general public; 'Reverse Book Club' is masterly idea-for just £5 ($10) month you can provide 48 books to go to where they're most needed
Book Fairssearch for term
International Book Fair InformationSee also: Book Fair References Synonyms: International Book Fairs
--BookExpo Americasearch for term
BookExpo America, commonly referred to within the book publishing industry as BEA. The largest annual book trade fair in the United StatesSynonyms: BEA
Book Foragersearch for term

Branching Out, a UK librarians' site, offers highly innovative way of finding the book you would like to read, using the happy/sad, conventional/weird and other spectrums.

Book Group Infosearch for term
Provides info about UK books groups, including five suggested titles, useful tips on making the group work, a Bookgroup of the month and so on.
Book Magazinesearch for term
Highly recommended American books magazine with excellent website and bimonthly paper version. Ranges from popular to literary and covers English language books worldwide. Reviews, interviews with authors, some web exclusives. Library Journal said it was; 'well-focused, skilfully edited'.
Book Promotion Newslettersearch for term

A free biweekly interactive newsletter on book marketing is offered by Francine Silverman, the author of Book Marketing from A -Z. The site has a vast number of testimonials and offers helpful tips to anyone trying to sell their own book.

Book Publishers Association of New Zealandsearch for term

The trade association is

Book Readersearch for term
Rudenko's freely downloadable software enables you to reformat text documents, whether they are e-books or any other downloadable text, according to your own preference. Useful if you have impaired vision or are just suffering from eye-strain. Also Autoscroll facility.
Book Tribes search for term

New UK site for readers, still a bit rudimentary but may develop into a useful resource.

Book Trustsearch for term

At a UK organisation which promotes books, supports writers groups, awards literary prizes and offers factsheets on Getting Published and Tracing Copyright, and a directory of UK publishers. Also free information service about books, authors and publishers. Phone mornings 020 8516 2977.

Book Trusted (Children's Books)search for term

Useful and respected site with resources for young readers, including a recommended list of children's books.

BookBlast Ltdsearch for term

London-based literary agency which handles adult fiction & non-fiction only - memoir, travel, popular culture, multicultural writing - commission: home 12% overseas & radio 20% TV, film & electronic 20%

Film, TV and radio rights mainly sold in works by existing clients. Does not represent screen writers for Film & TV and stage plays, or children's books. Editorial advice given to own authors. Initiates in-house projects.

Not taking on any new clients at present.

Founded 1997

Synonyms: BookBlast
BookBrowsesearch for term
'A literary smorgasbord of a site, offering substantial excerpts from bestselling books which you can browse through before purchasing.'
Bookman Literary Agencysearch for term
Bookmarksearch for term

Online resource supporting families of children with reading difficulties.  Useful site which explains what can affect children's ability to read and has a helpful page of advice on choosing books for children.

Bookmatessearch for term
On the Booktrust site is the Bookmates project, which includes the excellent guide to setting up a reading group which was originally developed in association with the Orange Prize.
Bookmoochsearch for term

A new means of international book exchange facilitated by the web. Participants create an inventory of what they have and a wish list of what they are looking for. Enables people from 130 countries to liberate books into the world, showing the strength of the urge to share. Let your books go - and they will find new homes...

Books on shelvessearch for term

New website which aims, endearingly,'to provide virtual shelf space for all the less well known writers and independent, small publishers of the world'. Charges £20 ($37) per title per year. Rather whimsical in approach but worth watching.

Booksellers’ Associationsearch for term

Represents British booksellers, with a full range of training, conferences etc on matters of interest to the book trade.

BookStop Literary Agencysearch for term
Booktastesearch for term

Just starting out and currently with little material on it, this site is dedicated to providing a free service to help small press publishers and self-publishers to promote and sell their books online and internationally.

Boomer Women Speaksearch for term
Enthusiastic and supportive site which addresses boomer women, born between 1946 and 1964, with its stated aim to 'encourage, connect and support one another online' Book project, book club, writing critique circle, as well as covering health, travel, retirement and much else.
Brandon & Associates Literary Agencysearch for term


Synonyms: Brandon & Associates
Brandt Hochman Literary Agents for term

Full-length and short MSS.

British Representative A.M. Heath Co. Ltd

Synonyms: Brandt Hochman Literary Agent
BRAWsearch for term

Books, Reading and Writing is the new website dedicated to Scottish children's books, with an online reading group and fun stuff, including bookmarks, for kids.

BRAWsearch for term
Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke Ltdsearch for term

Represents fiction and general non-fiction, children's books, scripts for film, television and theatre. Does not represent poetry, short stories, academic or text books.

(Home 15%, Overseas 20%).

Submission Guidelines:

Initial approach in the form of a short letter detailing:

  • What you want to send; a book, a play or film, whether it's fiction, non-fiction, based on a true story, if non-fiction, why you're the person best suited to write the book and any other information that is going to make your approach stand out.
  • A bit about yourself, your past, your past writing/publishing history and your future writing plans
  • Name and address
  • Who else you are approaching about your work.
  • li>Stamped S.A.E essential for return of material.
  • Submissions should be typed in a clear font of at least 12pt, double spaced and single-sided. Except for scripts preferrs material that is not bound or stapled in any manner

Happy for initial approach to be a cover letter by email but do not paste or attach your material as unsolicited email attachments will be deleted without being read.

Association of Authors' Agents

Synonyms: Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke
British Academy Small Personal Research Grantssearch for term

Award £5,000 (maximum).

10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH

Phone 020 7969 5200

Fax 020 7969 5300

Contact: Assistant Secretary, Research Grants

Quarterly award to further original academic research at postdoctoral level in the humanities and social sciences. Entrants must no longer be registered for postgraduate study and must be resident in the UK. Final entry dates: end of September, November, February and April.


British Councilsearch for term
This government-supported body is best-known for its activities overseas, but in fact provides a great deal of information which is of interest to writers.
Their UK Literature Festivals provides a full listing, but this is only as up to date as the information supplied by the individual festival organizers.
British Library Images Onlinesearch for term
A unique resource for picture buyers, graphic designers and publishers, enabling you to license thousands of high quality images from the British Library's unparalleled collections. Especially good on writers and historical images.
British Library Photostreamsearch for term
British LIbrary's Photostreamsearch for term
Browne Miller Literary Associatessearch for term

Founded 1971. General fiction and non-fiction. Young adult projects.

Works in conjunction with foreign agents.

Bryan Drew Ltdsearch for term

Scripts for TV, films and theatre plus general fiction, thrillers, biographies.

Founded 1962.

Synonyms: Bryan Drew
Bryson Agency Australia Pty Ltdsearch for term
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contestsearch for term

Coming from the University of San Jose, this entertaining competition challenges the writer to compose the opening sentence of the worst of all possible novels. Follow its 'childishly simple' rules, 'wretched writers welcome'.

Business Softwaresearch for term

Not all software is aimed at the creative end. If you want to make a living you need to keep track of your work and who it is going to. From commissioning to paycheck will probably be months, so some tools to help you keep track might be useful.

The Working Writer helps manage the business side of being a freelance writer.

Write Again - a set of tools to manage projects and marketing. Free trial download.

InkLink helps look after your projects and track costs.

Buy Stationerysearch for term
--Bedroom Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Romance, erotica, sensual or downright ballsy. When you want to escape: whether seeking a passionate fulfilment, a moment behind the bike sheds, a laugh with a chick-lit or a how-to - come into the Bedroom and take your pick.See also: John Hunt Publishing
--Business Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Encapsulates the freshest thinkers and the most successful practitioners in the areas of marketing, management, economics, finance and accounting, sustainable and ethical business, heart business, people management, leadership, motivation, biographies, business recovery and development and personal/executive developmentSee also: John Hunt Publishing