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Glossary beginning with I

Glossary terms

ICM Bookssearch for term

Fiction and non-fiction. No unsolicited MSS;

Send a query letter, sample chapters and sae first.

Division of International Creative Management Inc.

10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067
t 310-550-4000

825 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
t 212-556-5600

Identity Theorysearch for term

American web magazine of literature and culture, which publishes interesting original work donated by 'creative minds' from all over the world, interviews with authors and a number of public domain classics.

ILA (International Literary Agency) USAsearch for term
Ilidio da Fonseca Matos, Agente Literário Ldasearch for term
Illustrated London News Picture Librarysearch for term
This draws on the magazine's historic visual archive, dating back to its foundation as the world's first illustrated newspaper in 1842. In the process of digitising its archive, it offers over 2 million images on social history, transport, leisure, war royalty, film, politics, personalities, disasters and much more.
IMG UK Ltdsearch for term

Celebrity books, sports-related books, non-fiction and how-to business books. Part of the international media group.

Synonyms: IMG UK
Imprintssearch for term
Independent Media Centersearch for term

IndyMedia is a highly subversive news collective involving many organisations and hundreds of journalists, with several languages and branches in countries around the world.  It's a great site to bookmark for instant news updates.

Independent Talent Groupsearch for term


See their website for details

Synonyms: ICM LONDON
Inkitt Literary Agencysearch for term
Inklings Literary Agencysearch for term
InkWell Managementsearch for term

Obtains most clients through recommendations from others.

Send query with sase or by email.

Founded 2004.

Institute of Copywritingsearch for term

Crisply presented website for UK commercial organisation which offers a training course and tips about copywriting.

Institute of Translation and Interpretingsearch for term

Efficient UK site for organisation representing professional translators and interpreters.

Intellectual Property Worldsearch for term

Subscription site offered by publisher of copyright and patent magazines which has updates on copyright issues affecting books and software.

Intercontinental Literary Agencysearch for term

ILA is a specialist translation rights agency. They work exclusively on behalf of authors who are introduced to them by their client agencies and publishers.

They do not accept submissions from writers seeking an agent.

They do not sell English-Language rights.

Interesting Literature search for term
Internationaal Literatuur Bureau for term
International Association of Conscious and Creative Writerssearch for term
International Creative Management for term

ICM has a policy that neither it nor any of its agents or other employees shall accept or consider any unsolicited material, ideas or suggestions of any nature whatsoever.

Also at:

London office

4-6 Soho Square



tel +44 020-7432 0800

fax +44 020-7432 0808

International Editors for term
International ISBN Agencysearch for term

This international agency is based in Berlin. You can find the agent for your part of the world and download manuals explaining how the system works.

International Scriptssearch for term

Founded 1979. Specialises in full-length contemporary fiction, women's fiction, crime, biographies, sport and general non-fiction . No poetry or short stories.

Works with overseas agents.

No unsolicited MSS. Preliminary letter and sae required.

International Women's Writing Guildsearch for term

Drawing on the Human Potential movement, New Age ideas and the women's movement, this 25 year-old American organisation seeks to help empower women through their writing.

IPR Licensesearch for term
the global, digital marketplace for authors, agents and publishers to list and license book rights; launched in 2012
Irish Writers' Centresearch for term

National society for the promotion of writers and writing in Ireland. Has events, courses, Writer in the Community scheme, an educational programme and a newsletter.

Irish Writers' Unionsearch for term

This represents the interests of all Irish writers, although they must join to get the newsletter. The union aims to organise Irish writers and to achieve better remuneration and better contracts for authors.

Italian Languagesearch for term

Useful site for anyone wanting to learn or improve their Italian.

--Iff Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Iff Books publishes non-fiction. It aims to work with authors and titles that augment our understanding of the human condition, society and civilisation, and the world or universe in which we live. See also: John Hunt Publishing
--Inland Revenue (UK)search for term

An active site loaded with advice on how you can pass your money over to the taxman. There is also an active debate about the issues of taxing e-commerce as intellectual property flows across frontiers.

--ISBN agent UKsearch for term
The international standard book numbering system is operated by an agent in each country. In the UK this is the bibliographic compilers Whitaker. Now part of Nielson Bookdata navigate their site to find the link to their ISBN service