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Making Online payments

Providing information from your credit or debit card

If you are not used to paying over the net, here are a few guidelines. These will tell you what information you need to enter and the checks that are made with the data you provide.


Before you start

  1. It might help if you transcribe the information from your card. The designs printed on most plastic cards make the numbers difficult to read in many lights.
  2. Take care to copy the name and all issue information exactly as it is printed on the card.
  3. Check for the security code which is printed,  not embossed and the issue number, if your card has it.

The information required

Everything that you pass over the net from the payment page is encrypted. 

Unlike ordinary emails which could be read if they were intercepted, extracting your card details would be effectively impossible.

It is very much safer for you to use the secure payment provider, rather than to send us your card details, and is also usually quicker, as you can see immediately if you have not provided all the required information.

The name on the card - exactly as it is written. Use the title, capital letters and any hyphens exactly as they appear on the card.

Card issuer or type. The specific brand does not matter as much as the type of card. There are two main credit card systems, MasterCard and Visa, but there are numerous other reputable brands.

The Card number is the big, embossed number across the centre of the card.

Valid until date is at the bottom right hand corner. Normally expressed as 2 sets of 2 digits i.e. 02 02 for February 2002. This format avoids US/European date format conflict!

(On some cards) The Issue number is normally 1 but, if there are several cards with the same details within a family or business, this number helps you, the cardholder, to identify the card used. The information is for your benefit.

The Billing Address. This must be the address to which the card statement is currently sent. The billing address must match the address held by the Card Issuer exactly. Address verification does increase the number of occasions when we have to query customers when the address entered does not match the address held by the card-issuer. Typically this happens when the cardholder has changed their address.

We do not need a delivery address for any of the services.

The card security code is the number printed on the back of most credit/debit cards. It is not embossed hence does not appear on receipts. This helps prevent 'cardholder not present' fraud, which often uses the information from discarded receipts.

The checks carried out on the details provided

The name on the card and the number must be a perfect match or your card will not be accepted.

The expiry date is checked as people do forget to use their new card when it is sent to them.

Address verification is provided by your bank and card-issuer. The information entered by you is passed to our banking partner who passes it to the card-issuer for comparison with their records. The result is then passed back through the system to us. Not every bank and card issuer supports address verification.

Security Code verification. The majority of card-issuers are educating their cardholders about these measures and preparing their computer systems so that the information can be verified. In the short term the security code will not be used as a security measure which may reject payment.


Digital receipt

You will get an email from WorldPay looking something like this. (The text varies in detail and we also generate them in a few other languages).

Dear Customer,

Your TEST payment for goods to the value of:

WorldPay Digital Guarantee for transaction ID:


Purchased from: WritersServices

Merchant's cart ID:

At:            GMT

has been processed.

This receipt is sent to you by WorldPay - your payment has been processed by our Payment Gateway.

In addition to this WorldPay receipt, you may also receive a purchase receipt from the merchant.

Should you wish to enquire about your purchase, contact should be made in the first instance with the supplier of the goods/services at  If you didn't make this transaction or dispute the transaction, please email  immediately and return a copy of this digital receipt.

If you require further information about your payment or if you are unable to contact the supplier, please contact WorldPay Customer Services  by email at  Please provide details of your payment and purchase including the value, date, time and the store from which you which you made it.

Thank you for shopping with WritersServices.

Repeat Transactions

The card security code cannot be stored. It is against 'the rules'. So it is not possible to operate 'repeat' transactions where our system magically remembers the information.

We could install a 'cookie' and there are various utilities that do store this information and complete forms for you but we do not recommend this. Re-entering the information is a small price to pay for the extra security. Without it, another user of the computer could unintentionally use your card to pay or you might pay with the wrong card.

Another reason that we do not store, or ask your system to store, your card details is that you might press a few keys and find yourself sending us money. Some payment systems may appear smarter but we do it this way by choice. We think you will prefer the increased security.