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Ordering Q&A

About us

How to order a service

  1. Do I need to register?
  2. Can anyone submit manuscripts?
  3. I have changed my email address.
  4. How do I commission a service?
  5. Do you have a pre-order checklist?
  6. How do I send my manuscript?
  7. Is it safe to send the original?
  8. Can you guarantee that my card details are safe?
  9. Can you check my publishing contract?

Do I need to register?

There is no need to register if you don't want to order a service or send us a manuscript. If you plan to send us any material we need to know who you are. We use your email to register you. If you have several different email addresses please stick with one when communicating with us.

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Can anyone submit manuscripts?

We reserve the right to reject some work but apart from that the service is open to everyone. Your can even hide behind a nom-de-plume so there is no obligation to use your real name.

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I have changed my email address.  What do I do?

Fill in your change of email address, using our keep in contact form. It's as easy as that. If you are leaving a job or college you will probably lose access to that email address immediately, so try to anticipate it. It is possible to have many e-addresses and access them all through a single service provider.

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How do I commission a service?

Complete the order form,  (check out which form to use), which allows you to check the fee, send your manuscript and pay. OR, you can send us an email with your order and attach your manuscript. Please don't forget to pay, using our payment form or by sending a cheque so that we can start work on your manuscript.

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Checklist for ordering

Look at our checklist covering the process of sending your manuscript and paying.

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How do I send my manuscript?

Fear not, it's really quite simple.

  1. When completing the order form, click to call up the file browser. If you select a file it will send it along with your order. (Remember to get your manuscript into the right format beforehand.) A big manuscript, even when 'packed' as we recommend, will take time to send, so be patient.) 
  2. Please always send your manuscript as one file, not broken up into chapters.
  3. You can also write us an email then click on the paperclip icon or select from the toolbar to attach a file. Find the file and click again and it's attached. We have a page explaining how to do this in more detail.


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Is it safe to send the original?

We do not like to handle paperwork. We really want you to send us your manuscript in an electronic form. There is one exception. If you have a publishing contract, you can send us a photocopy.

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Can you guarantee that my card details are safe?

Your payment details go over a special secure link and your details stay with the bank. Read more on this.

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Contract vetting?

We have a contract expert ready to check the contract you have been offered. With the increasing complexity of publishing and the media market it is essential to understand what rights you are being asked to sign away. If you are ready, then complete the order form, submit the it and email or send a copy of the contract to us.

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