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The launch handout

About us

London Book Fair 2001

March 26th (2001) will see the launch of a website devoted to writers and writing. WritersServices uses the Internet to deliver their services to the global community of published and unpublished writers. is a web portal for writers providing editorial services for writers, employing a distinguished team of freelances.

  • Services for writers
  • Packed with high-quality original content
  • Up-to-date news and comment
  • Links to related sites
  • Useful lists
  • WritersServices is a resource for writers.
  • Lists of writers’ resources
  • A team of professional editors to work on writers’ manuscripts
  • Free information and help with getting published

WritersServices is dynamic.

The team:

  • Chris Holifield has set up She has worked for publishing houses and book clubs, and as a literary agent. She was recently Editorial Director of BCA and Deputy MD at Cassell & Co.
  • Charles Jones is in charge of technical development. He has been in the computer business for decades and is also a published author and journalist.


  • Michael Legat, author of 12 books for writers, is contributing a series of information-packed Factsheets for writers.
  • Carole Blake will contribute extracts from her highly successful book of advice for unpublished writers, From Pitch to Publication.

Chris Holifield said:

‘Unpublished writers have a difficult time trying to get someone to comment on their work, especially now that many big publishers and some literary agencies don’t read their slush piles. We hope to provide the feedback which is essential to writers to enable them to work on their writing and improve its chances of publication.

‘We want to fill a niche in the industry and help writers prepare their work for submission. We hope to work closely with agents and publishers.’

WritersServices has been set up to provide services for writers. Our experience is that it’s become harder and harder for writers to get their work published. This means that it has become even more vital for writers to get their manuscripts into shape before submitting them. We can help with this through our highly skilled team of professional editors. WritersServices offer a range of services which will help writers get their manuscripts into publishable shape, all delivered efficiently and quickly through the Internet.