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Writer’s Handbook 02

The Writer’s Handbook

15 October 2001

WritersServices, the website for writers, is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with Pan Macmillan to publish the UK and US literary agents' listings for the 2002 edition of The Writer’s Handbook. Over 300 agents are listed with advice on the type of work to send and how to approach each agent.  Read more

Bob's 2001 Journal

Journal of a Virtually Unpublished Writer

Bob Ritchie - BWBob Ritchie introduction

Latest Journal entry

Bob's 2007 Journal


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NEWS FROM WritersServices 2001

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The launch handout

London Book Fair 2001

March 26th (2001) will see the launch of a website devoted to writers and writing. WritersServices uses the Internet to deliver their services to the global community of published and unpublished writers. is a web portal for writers providing editorial services for writers, employing a distinguished team of freelances.  Read more

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