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  • The launch handout. London Book Fair 2001 26 March 01
  • The US and UK agents' lists in The Writer's Handbook 2002 are put on the web for the first time. 15 October 2001
  • WritersPrintshop enables writers to publish their work using print on demand technology. 10 June 2002
  • It can be hard to find the specialist books written for writers, so we set up the WritersBookstall. 22 July 2002
  • A place for writers from around the world to meet in the WritersForum. 8 July 2002
  • It's hard for writers to get their work seen, so we set up the WritersShowcase to provide some visibility. 15 July 2002
  • The lists of UK and US literary agents from The Writer's Handbook 2003 is updated. 15 August 2002
  • Writers need all the financial help going so we list the Bursaries for writers. 22 August 2002
  • To help hard-pressed teachers who run courses for writers, we added pages of original material by industry experts to use in our Education Resource Centre.  2 September 2002
  • By popular demand, our new Submission Critique Service is introduced.  12 October 2002
  • To meet the demands of world English, we launch our Manuscript Polishing service 20 January 2003
  • As visitors top 17,000 each week, we expand our services to meet the demand, setting up a range of  Children's Editorial Services and Scriptwriting Assessment.  10 March 2003
  • Chris Holifield's article about setting-up and growing the WritersServices site, which was written specially for the May issue of Writers' ForumBritish writers' magazine which is highly recommended for all writers. It features wide range of news and articles which help writers to improve their work and get published: magazine May 2003
  • In November 2003, WritersServices celebrates its millionth visitor.
  • Are the days of the typewriter numbered? February 2004
  • A survey of reading habits. March 2004
  • More help for writing course tutors with the release of more material in the Education Resource Centre. August 2004
  • Review of WritersServices from ArtsProfessional magazine
  • Press release about the launch of the new WritersServices site dated July 2013.
  • Bookbrunch review of the new site