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We are here to help you publish


We created the WritersServices website because of the ‘slush-pile’. This is what publishers call the huge mass of unsolicited manuscripts sent to them every year. Manuscripts which they don’t have time to read. Manuscripts which are in many cases returned to the writers weeks later without any meaningful comment. Has your work been part of that flood? Have you been disappointed and frustrated by the lack of response, by the difficulty of getting anyone even to comment on your work?

What about you?

This is our shop front. You are very welcome to browse through our site. We hope you will be encouraged by what you see to keep working on getting your work published.

If you do, can help you. Please email us with your comments, criticisms and suggestions.

We also have some endorsements from writers who have used the site.

Here are our latest site statistics.

We are here to help you publish

Just want a response?

If so, you are not alone. Sending your manuscript out again may not help. Publishers and agents take on a tiny proportion of the slush-pile. Many of them have concluded that they simply don’t have time to read it, let alone to comment on individual submissions when they are going to reject them anyway. Remember that they are running businesses, not free advice services, and time costs money. Writers have no right to receive a comment on their work, but they still want – and need – it.

Want professional feedback?

Writers need professional feedback on their work. That is the starting-point for WritersServices.

We have put together our Services so that they cover the editorial spectrum and more.

The website allows us to deliver the services of experienced professional editors, linked together in a freelance network. These 16 services are listed on our Services page.  As well as a full range of reports, editing, copy editing and contract vetting, we also offer a Copy editing, service Scriptwriting Assessment and our Children's Editorial Services.


If you commission one of our services and the editor reports favourably on your work, we will recommend it to agents we know and help you get started.

We are here to help you get your work published
We are here to help you publish

Free stuff available on the site

Once we had set up our services, we then started thinking about all the other things writers might want. This is where we’ve got to so far:

We commissioned Michael Legat, a leading expert on improving your writing, to produce a series of free Factsheets on writing skills. There are 19 of these comprising an invaluable resource for writers.

Our authoritative 19 part Inside Publishing series gives you the inside story on what's really going on in publishing.

Our special pages for writers - over 60 at last count - can be found through links from Advice for Writers.

The authoritative Writers' and Artists' Yearbook listings of UK, US and international agents can be found on our site by arrangement with  the publishers A & C BlackClick for A & C Black Publishers Publishers References listing, so you can check out agents you may want to submit your work to.

We also commissioned an unpublished writer to keep a journal so you can follow his struggle to get into print. Follow Bob Ritchie in his quest for recognition in his Journal. The Magazine section has much to amuse and entertain and is updated every week.

Because we are a web-based business in our newly expanded section we explain how to get the most out of your computer and the web, providing basic information in a series of how-tos, as well as some master classes in how to get the most out of technology.

We review relevant websites and offer hundreds of links which are of special interest to writers.

Our recently relaunched design, production and distribution service for self-publishers has just been streamlined with lower prices! See Writers Services Self-publishing - 90 plus pages of guidance and information help you to publish your own book anywhere in the world.

Our topical Health Hazards series deals with the threats to your health arising out of hours spent at the computer.

The WritersShowcase is where writers can post their writing, including up to 10,000 words of their work.  We're still offering free space on this.

We have also have our WritersBookstall, which is packed with books for writers, many of which have full reviews and software reviews. There are over 200 books on writing, all classified so you can find what you want and many of them reviewed for the site.If you need some help with getting your writing up to scratch, or guidance on getting published, this is the place to look.

Our Education Resource Centre provides 80 downloadable pages for use by writing course organisers and students.

Our latest new section covers Podcasting and shows you how you can record your own work.

From the beginning, in Spring 2001, our site content has grown each week with more information, listings, weekly news reviews and updates. We now have over 2,000 pages.

We have been rewarded by a growing readership. Our numbers have increased to over 80,000 serious visitors each week. You are spending an average of over 3 minutes on the site, reading an average of nearly 5 pages. This continues to grow at a compound rate each week. It's amazing.

So, thank you.

International perspective With the growth of world English, English language publishing is relevant all over the world, not just in English-speaking countries. But each country and area has its special requirements. We will continue to working to broaden our British base to affiliate with publishing experts around the world.

All our services, including our Writers Services Self-publishing service and the books we feature in our WritersBookstall, are available globally using the Internet.  A new service, Manuscript Polishing, has just been set up to help non-native English speakers get their work into shape for publication or submission.

Check out our list of International Book Fairs to see if there's one near you which you can get to.