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Writers' software


We keep an eye on software that might prove useful to writers
  • WhiteSmoke

    'So, if you are looking for a tool to improve your productivity writing business emails and short letters, WhiteSmoke has a great deal to offer.'

  • Attaché

    'Attaché can help you to organise your sketches, ideas, exercises and essays in a way that will help you extract articles. Attaché is not going to help you write your literary novel but it might be excellent for a work of non-fiction.'

  • Storybase

    Software which will help you with you plotting your novel.  'The value of this software depends on how much you need to generate the emotional framework for the characters in your story.'

  • Muse names

    - Helps you select culturally and historically accurate names. 'Fun to install, fun to use and fun to discover those new slants on familiar and new names.'

  • newnovelist

    - A low-cost package that analyses the ingredients of fiction and forces you to organise your writing.

    'after describing the characters, the places and setting you have a wonderfully clear and detailed outline'.

  • Scriptwriting Software
    Our recommendations for good script-writing software you can check out on the web.

  • Writer's Blocks

    - A good tool to hold 'cards' of information. Would also suit non-fiction.

    'Writer’s Blocks are text blocks you can use to structure your excellent tool for organising plot lines.'

  • Index Creation Software

    - This gives you an insight into this highly skilled business.

    This shows how CEDEX, SkyIndex and Macrex can help you put your index together.

    You could try using your word processor to compile an index.

  • There is a lot of free stuff and trial ware on our link pages