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Magazine reviews


Writers' Magazine Reviews

Our review section deals specifically with magazines for writers. These are not those which feature writers’ work, but the ones that are directed at writers themselves, to help them improve their writing and get published. We hope this series might help you decide which one might suit you, before you opt for a year’s subscription.


Cover - Writers Forum 04

'a mass of information which could help any writer.'


Cover - Writer's Digest

'Writer’s Digest is the long-established and well-respected writers’ magazine which dominates the American market.'


Cover - Writers' News

'represents excellent value and is recommended for writers who want to keep in touch, find out about markets and improve their writing.'


Cover - Mslexia

'Its clear focus makes for a consistent, enjoyable and high quality magazine, which many women writers would find supportive and encouraging.'


Cover - ScriptWriter

'ScriptWriter takes a serious approach to developing and refining your script-writing techniques, providing a series of substantial articles to help you work on this.'


Cover - Self Publishing

'You wouldn’t really compare it to the other magazines reviewed here, but for anyone who is thinking about self-publishing it provides advice and reassurance.’


The magazine reviews start with Writers’ Forum, of which we said: 'The tone throughout is friendly and inclusive. It’s pretty middlebrow, in that it primarily addresses writers who are writing in the commercial area, but it doesn’t dumb down either and has something of the tone of voice of a well-informed friend.'

Review of Writers' Forum











The second in our series is the big American magazine, Writer's Digest.  This has a huge market in the US and runs its own book club and publishing programme.  We concluded that it was a 'must-read' for American writers, but its focus is pretty much on the American market, so it's probably less useful for writers from other countries unless they want to find out about the US.

Review of Writer's Digest









Our third review deals with the British magazine Writers' News, which comes in a good-value package with its stable-mate Writing Magazine.  Our reviewer's view was that 'taken together, the two magazines do a good job of keeping the writer up-to-date and helping you to improve your writing across a wide field.'

Review of Writers' News







Our fourth review looks at the British magazine Mslexia, 'for women who write'.  Our reviewer concluded that: 'for women writers who take their writing quite seriously and are aiming at the more literary end of the spectrum but who want good practical advice, offered in an accessible and friendly way, Mslexia is perfect.'

Review of Mslexia










Our fifth review deals with the British magazine ScriptWriter. Our reviewer concluded that: 'if you’re serious about writing scripts and want a thoughtful magazine which will help you achieve your goal - whilst providing food for thought and some wide-ranging and interesting articles - this magazine could be the one for you.'

Review of ScriptWriter








Our sixth review covers The Self-Publishing Magazine, which is a bit different from the other writers’ magazines we have reviewed in that it is designed for a clear group of writers – those who are intending to self-publish their own work.

Review of The Self Publishing Magazine