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Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd

Waverley House
7-12 Noel Street
London, W1F 8GQ
United Kingdom


  • Jenne Casarotto,
  • Charlotte Kelly (Dublin)
  • Jodi Shields,
  • Rachel Holroyd
  • Anthony Mestriner
  • Lotte Beasley
  • Rob Kraitt
  • Tom Erhardt,
  • Mel Kenyon,
  • Elinor Burns
  • Lucinda Prain
  • Mark Casarotto
  • Sophie Dolan.
  • Abby Singer (comedy writers)

The theatrical department

  • Tom Erhardt and Mel Kenyon, while Luke Holbrook represents amateur and stock rights.
  • Kate Bloxham for features
  • Emma Trounson television drama,
  • Lucie Llewellyn commercials, documentaries and micro budget films.
  • Francesca Robertson for short films.
  • Rachel Taylor

Casarotto Marsh

  • Ellie Cook deals with features.
  • Kate Bloxham and Emma Trounson TV Drama.
  • Cara McVean is covering for Francesca Robertson's maternity leave dealing with short films, pilots and TV
  • Comedy.

MSS - theatre, films, TV, sound broadcasting. "We represent a large number of award-winning writers, directors, directors of photography, production designers, costume designers and editors, working in film, television and theatre."

Before submission, a preliminary letter essential.

Casarotto Marsh Limited (in association with Marsh Best & Associates in Los Angeles) deals exclusively with technical heads of department for film, television, promos and commercials eg: Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Costume Designers and Film Editors.

Founded 1989.

020-7287 4450
020-7287 9128

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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