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Puttick Agency

46 Brookfield
Highgate West Hill
London, N6 6AT
United Kingdom


  • Elizabeth Puttick

Not taking any new authors for the foreseeable future.

This agency specializes in general non-fiction (including books by academic authors suitable for the general reader)

Does not handle fiction, poetry, drama, screenplays or children's books.

Prefers to be approached by email. The subject heading should make it clear that this is a publishing enquiry. Any messages that could be mistaken for spam may be deleted.

Initial enquiries should include a brief synopsis (two or three pages) with author information. Please see 'How to write a publishing proposal'. Don't send any manuscripts at this stage.

Prefers not to receive proposals and material via post, and will not sign for a recorded delivery. If you do contact them by post, it is essential to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SAE) for a reply or the return of manuscripts. Owing to the large volume of submissions, they are unable to give any feedback.

If requested, please send sample chapters with a synopsis, but don't send whole manuscripts unless specifically asked.

It is essential to let them know if your work has been sent to any other agents or publishers, previously or simultaneously to approaching them. It is also very important to tell them if you have any existing agreement with another literary agent, or are negotiating with them, otherwise there may be legal and/or ethical complications later if you sign with this agency.

Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). General and narrative non-fiction including health and personal development, biography and memoir, current affairs, business, history, philosophy, science.

No fiction, poetry, screenplays, drama, children's books.

No reading fee

Founded 1995.

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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