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News stories from the book world in January 2013

January 2013

Low-priced ebook sales a threat

28 January 2013

At last there's some hard information on ebook sales in the UK and an interesting indication of future trends in the US. The Bookseller has managed to put together some ebook sales figures which show that ebook sales in the UK are currently worth around £250m.  Read more

A good 'appetite for books'

21 January 2013

 As an antidote to general economic gloom and anxiety about the pace of change, it's good to have the Guardian blog posted by Stephen Page, CEO of Faber, who has recently pointed out that there are a number of causes for optimism in the book world in the UK:  Read more

T S Eliot Prize winner announced

14 January 2013

The winner of the 2012 T S Eliot Prize for Poetry has just been announced today.  Read more

Books to Africa

7 January 2013

As we enter this New Year, it's a good time to reflect on the work of one of our key book charities, Book Aid InternationalSupplies much-needed books to developing countries, raising funds from publishers and general public; 'Reverse Book Club' is masterly idea-for just £5 ($10) month you can provide 48 books to go to where they're most needed. WritersServices is a long-term supporter of this organisation, which has done so much to bring books to third world countries, especially in Africa.  Read more