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The results of previous surveys

The results of previous surveys

Writing habit
Reading habits
Motivation to write
What new writers need
Getting a publishing deal
The Future of self-publishing
Book buying habits and motivations

The results provide an insight to the realities of the writer's life.

Getting started:

  • You want more mentoring schemes and that secondary education could do much more to teach writing.
  • More support from the big publishers.
  • Everybody wants a literary agent to help bring their work to publication.
  • Interestingly, a part-time job was not seen as the answer.
  • Scholarships and subsidies were, surprisingly, not popular with respondents. You wanted more investment by publishers in new writers.

Where do you like to read?

Survey - Reading habits 02

What technology do you employ for your writing?

Survey - Writing habits 01


A writer's ambitions

Survey - Writers motivation 06


About half our respondent tend to be based in Europe and a quarter in North America. The median age is always in the late 30's and the gender split is normally 55:45, Women to Men.

Thanks for taking part.