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Crime writing

Trained 'to murder standard'

What is a Scenes of Crime Officer and how knowing what SOCOs really do can improve your crime novel

Andrew Barrett, a writer who has worked for West Yorkshire Police as a Scenes of Crime Officer for 10 years, investigating almost everything from suicide, to drugs crime and murder, is a member of the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners. Andrew is offering to give free advice to aspiring crime writers who want to get their SOCO detail exactly right.

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Success story Jax Miller

Success story: Jax Miller

Jax MillerThe latest sensational success story is that of Jax Miller, who has just sold two thrillers to HarperFiction UK.  Read more

Success story Gillian Flynn

Success story: Gillian Flynn

Gillian FlynnThe announcement that Gillian Flynn had been declared Specsavers International author of the Year last week was only the latest accolade awarded to her.  Read more

Talking to Publishers 6

Changing Direction? Exploring a New Genre?

Suzanne RuthvenChanging Direction? Exploring a New Genre?  Read more

Genre writing

Genres and how to write in them

Many writers are writing genre fiction, which is a particularly good place for a writer to focus their attention because the market is strong for many categories and many of them are in the forefront when it comes to publishing your book as an ebook.  Read more

Crime writing

A special report from the Masterclasses at the London Book Fair, March 2004

The 2004 Masterclasses at the London Book Fair were sponsored by the Daily Mail and organised with great flair by English PENSupported by eminent writers, this is the English branch of International Pen, which has centres in nearly 100 countries. It fights for freedom of expression and against political censorship. It campaigns for writers harassed, imprisoned and sometimes murdered for their views. They repeated a familiar formula, which nonetheless worked well, of two writers presenting and discussing their work, with a chair to coordinate the session.

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