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Authors Guild

Authors' organisations challenge publishers

4 January 2016

In an extraordinary and unprecedented display of concerted action, authors' organisations have joined together to present a simultaneous major challenge to publishers.  Read more

‘Traditional publishing is 'no longer fair or sustainable'

21 July 2014

In an extraordinary change of approach, Nicola Solomon, the Secretary of the UK Society of Authors, has attacked publishers, saying that ‘Traditional publishing is 'no longer fair or sustainable'.  Read more

Google triumphs

18 November 2013

After eight years of litigation over Google's scanning of more than 20 million books in libraries, Judge Denny Chin has come down in their favour:  Read more

Authors Guild sues Google for copyright infringement

26 September 2005

The Authors Guild of America, with four authors, has taken the extraordinary step of filing a class action suit against Google over its unauthorised scanning and copying of books through its Google Library programme.  Read more

Writers Guild Battles with Amazon on Used Books

22 April 2002

The used book debate is hotting up. After Jeff Bezos of Amazon sent an email to thousands who had sold second-hand books through the online retailer, over 4,000 of them emailed the Writers Guild of AmericaAssociation of writers in motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media. As expressed by Nick Turner, the President of the Guild, its view was that:  Read more

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