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The Pedant: how to make your editor happy 3: Bells and whistles? The use of bold, italics and capital letters in prose fiction

Bells and whistles? The use of bold, italics and capital letters in prose fiction

There are times when, no matter how well you write, you need typographical support to emphasise a point. English is a wonderfully flexible and suggestive language, but it can't do everything by itself, and replacing plain type with, for instance, italics, can really help the reader to understand what's happening in your story.  Read more

The Pedant: how to make your editor happy 1: Accents and dialects

Accents and dialects: spelling your way into trouble

‘Oi'm sarry to bather ye, Mam.'

‘We ‘ave ze wonderfool patisseries, no?'

‘'Ere, leave orf, will yer, I ain't dun nuffink.'  Read more

The Pedant: how to make your editor happy 2: Dialogue tags

Dialogue tags

She said, he said: the use (and misuse) of dialogue tags

Dialogue is the engine of good fiction. It makes characters three-dimensional and realistic; it drives the story forwards; it allows the writer to provide background information without resorting to reportage. Good dialogue, one might say, speaks for itself.  Read more

My Say - Natasha Mostert

My Say gives writers a chance to air their views about writing and the writer's life.

Contributions should ideally be 300 to 500 words in length and of general interest. Please email them to us. WritersServices' decision on whether or not to include each contribution is final.

Natasha Mostert  Read more

Talking to Publishers | Series

Talking to Publishers - our new series

Our new Talking to Publishers series is a loosely connected series of articles and interviews in which editors and other publishing people share their insights about publishing and tell us what they're looking for.  Read more

Manuscript Polishing service

What is manuscript polishing?

Some manuscripts require a little extra help to bring them to a professional standard. Our manuscript polishing service offers the usual high standard of copy editing, but in addition we will enhance your work by improving sentence structure, replacing weak or ambiguous word choices, and making the text flow more smoothly and naturally.  Read more

Editor's Report Plus

A more detailed assessment than our Editor's Report, this substantial report offers chapter-by-chapter commentary on your work

WritersServices' professional editor will assess your manuscript. If you opt for our Editor's Report Plus you’ll get the kind of expert advice which is usually only available from an in-house editor.  Read more

Synopsis-writing service

Commission a synopsis which will present your manuscript in the best possible light for submission

Are you ready to submit your synopsis and sample chapters to agents or publishers, but worried about whether your synopsis is letting you down? A good synopsis is an essential part of the submission package, as very few agents or publishers will look at a complete manuscript.  Read more

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