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Writers Forum - UK Festival list 2004

Writers Forum

UK Festival list 2004

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These are large files and not recommended for people who do not have a broadband link.   Read more

NAWE conference


Friday 29 – Saturday 30 October  Read more

NAWG 2004

A weekend well spent

'Why go to writer's conferences?' was the question I posed to a dozen people attending the annual get together of the National Association of Writers’ Groups (NAWG).  Read more

Diagram Prize 2004

The 2004 Diagram Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year

The prize this year goes to the quite barmy Bombproof Your Horse, which even in these troubling times would seem to be advocating taking things a bit far...  Read more

Book Aid

WritersServices Christmas charity

We’ve decided again this year to adopt and promote our own Christmas charity on the website. It didn’t take long to decide that Book Aid International would for a second year be particularly appropriate, given that books are what writers are all about – and the very good work Book Aid is doing.  Read more

Annual Writers' Conference report

Annual Writers' Conference in Winchester

The 24th Annual Writers’ Conference in Winchester, England over the weekend of 25th/26th June had a record number of attendees for the many sessions over the weekend and the workshops before and after. The venue, King Alfred College, has just been rather grandly renamed University College, Winchester and gained the ability to award its own degrees.  Read more

PEN Masterclasses 2004

A special report from the Masterclasses at the London Book Fair, March 2004


The 2004 Masterclasses at the London Book Fair were sponsored by the Daily Mail and organised with great flair by English PENSupported by eminent writers, this is the English branch of International Pen, which has centres in nearly 100 countries. It fights for freedom of expression and against political censorship. It campaigns for writers harassed, imprisoned and sometimes murdered for their views. They repeated a familiar formula, which nonetheless worked well, of two writers presenting and discussing their work, with a chair to coordinate the session.

Screenwriting for the cinema   Read more

NEWS FROM WritersServices 20 March 2004

Are the days of the typewriter numbered?

20 March 2004

A survey of reading habits

Reading is the paradigm of mobile entertainment. The home, in transit and in work-breaks are all seized as opportunities to turn a few pages. Alarmingly, a dozen respondents read in their cars. One must hope they were passengers.  Read more

2004 International Book Fairs

International Book Fairs 2004

We have updated our list of book fairs for the New Year, including a few more which seemed worth adding to the list. Some annual fairs seem to have been cancelled for this year, but we will revise this list as more information becomes available.  Read more

Bob's 2004

Journal of a Virtually Unpublished Writer

Bob Ritchie - BWBob Ritchie introduction

Latest Journal entry

Bob's 2007 Journal


  Read more
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