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Science fiction

Literary magazines with one week's response time

36 literary magazines which respond within a week

By Sandeep Kumar Mishra  Read more

Writing science fiction and fantasy

So you want to write fantasy or science fiction?

You are in good company, as many of the writers who come to WritersServices are writing fantasy, with science fiction as a less popular choice.  Read more

Wonderbook: the Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction – New York: Abrams Image, 2013 | Reviews

The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction

Jeff VanderMeer                                                               &nb

  Read more

Genre writing

Genres and how to write in them

Many writers are writing genre fiction, which is a particularly good place for a writer to focus their attention because the market is strong for many categories and many of them are in the forefront when it comes to publishing your book as an ebook.  Read more

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