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What needs doing

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Key tasks to carry out before your book can be published


You now need to prepare to put your book into production:

Service Notes
Copy Editing Your work would probably benefit from being professionally copy-edited, but even if you decide against this ask someone to check through it for you.
Book design and typesetting

A designer will take your mock-up, text files and illustrations and produce the computer files for our Print on Demand printer or Camera Ready Copy.

The designer will then take the digital files and convert them into pages. The typesetter works closely with the book designer.

The book brief You need to think carefully about the appearance of the finished book.
Cover design brief It is vital that you give us as clear a brief as possible for our designer to work on.
The index You will need to decide whether your book needs an index and how you are going to prepare this.
Preparing your prelim pages Gives you specific guidance on what needs to go in your prelim (or preliminary) pages at the front of the book.

Cover designs and cover design brief

Requires a cover design brief from you. A well-designed, informative cover is a good investment. Hardbacks also require a dust jacket and some details on the board covers. The cover is a key way to capture the attention of potential readers in a bookshop.

Legal checks

We can offer some help with these, but you as the self-publisher are responsible for clearing permissions, copyright issues, 'fair use' and checking whether you are likely to be sued. Check any copyright on quotes or pictures and protect yourself from libel lawyers.

ISBN registration

Essential if you want people to buy your book but not required if you intend to give it away.

Barcode generation

If you are planning to sell your book, it will need a bar code, which will be 'read' by the laser scanner. We can supply this for you with a cover template to fit your book.

Registration There are certain legal requirements in the UK to supply copies of your books to national copyright libraries. In UK this is called legal deposit.

The details

A summary to check that you have dealt with everything.

Please note The law and regulations covering publication vary from one country to another. This system is for publication in the UK. This does not prevent you exporting or selling your work overseas.

You can order from anywhere in the world and we can arrange for copies to be printed and delivered to any international address. Because of the low cost of our service, you might be pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the cost would be. Please ask for a no-obligation estimate.

The good news is that you don't have to worry about the following which are managed for you by WritersServices Self Publishing:

  • Typesetting
  • Book design
  • Cover design
  • ISBN registration
  • Barcode generation
  • Digital setup and file storage for POD
  • Registrations

Our package covers all of these.

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Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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