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The POD system differs from the normal book production and distribution system. Copies are printed only when an order is received from you or from the book trade.

  • We agree the price and margins for the book with you at an early stage.
  • When your book is ordered in a bookshop, it is printed and delivered to the purchaser through the appropriate wholesaler and bookshop. This works almost anywhere in the world. Each quarter, sales are invoiced and money collected by WritersServices Self-publishing and sent on to you as the self-publisher, according to the terms of our contract with you.

Books which you order for direct delivery to you will require pre-payment.  They will be supplied at the contract price. We can deliver all over the world, but will need to quote in advance for shipping costs outside the UK.


With WritersServices Self-publishing book-buyers can use their usual supplier. 

  • Readers can order copies through bookshops
  • Shops obtain their copies through the normal chain of supply

You can also order copies to sell at any talks you give or to use for business purposes.

The process of fulfilling a POD order does not involve you, the publisher, in any extra work. As soon as an order is received, the copies are printed and distributed. The process is as quick, and in many cases quicker, as moving a book which is in stock from one warehouse to another. If you are ordering direct, it normally takes a week to ten days within the UK, longer for orders to be delivered elsewhere.

WritersServices Self-publishing is responsible for collecting and distributing the proceeds from the sales of your book, and dealing with returns or damaged books in accordance with our contract with you. The administrative load on you is minimal so you can promote your work and start writing your next book.

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