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Book brief

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Preparing a book brief

To achieve the book of your dreams  you must prepare a good brief for the designers. There are options. You might have the skills and software to do this for yourself or you may need a designer to undertake the page makeup.

To help your designer, you need to prepare a brief. You need to decide:

  • Book size

    • Is it part of a series or designed to match an existing format e.g. a textbook?

  • Paperback or hardback?

    • What is your likely audience?

    • Academic and reference books might need a hard cover

    • Unless there is a good reason, go for a paperback cover

  • Is type size an issue?

    • Is the book for children or the visually impaired?

    • But normally this is left to the designer

  • Will it be illustrated and, if so, how?

  • Do you want to include a short biography?

  • Is there going to be some copy on the back cover or inside? A blurb?

  • Have you found a celebrity to write a foreword or endorse the book? If so, how prominent should this be? inside and on the cover?

  • Does it need an index? We need to print a proof copy before you can complete this.

When you send the material, remember to include:

  • Your 'nom de plume', if any.

  • Any dedications

  • Any preface or acknowledgement

  • Any contents list or other indexes

  • Your prelim pages

  • Your biography

  • The copy for the back cover

  • The text files. You can email them or put them on a disc.

  • Illustrations with any captions and instructions for each one

  • Your mock-up, if it exists

  • The brief for the book and the cover design brief

  • Copies of any book you would like the designer to take as a model

  • And don't forget the payment

If any of the material is unique, it must be sent through a courier firm or by registered post. Make sure that we have a contract before you send anything. 

Once the designers have had a chance to work on the material, we will send you some sample pages and a cover mock-up, along with a quote for completing the design work.  If you want to proceed, half the cost will be payable at this stage.

Our page on the details covers issues such as bibliographies and indexes.

Check the way the project flows and get an overview of the publication process.

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